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COVID-19 has exposed

fragility of our economies

– Guy Ryder

The human dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic reach far beyond the critical health response, says Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization.

Ryder said : All aspects of our future will be affected - economic, social and developmental. Our response must be urgent,


Law and Justice cannot be distant neighbours – Appeal Court President


Recently appointed President of the Court of Appeal, Justice A.H.M.D.Nawaz says that instead of a coalescence between law and justice, there has grown a dangerous distance between the two and the law and lawyers have begun to los...

Helping your children switch from ‘survival mode’ to ‘thrive mode’


‘Why can’t we go out of the house?, When will school start? When can I see my friends again?’ these are some of the common questions parents are bombarded with during this lock-down. While it is natural for parents themselves to be an...

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