Counter terrorist propaganda

The Canadian authorities, according to our main news item yesterday, have clamped down on an LTTE stamp racket. The LTTE, it says, had almost succeeded in getting a stamp printed in Canada in collaboration with the Canadian police by pulling the wool over their eyes.

The stamp, it is said, was to be printed at the request of the LTTE front organisation called United Tamils. The officer-in-charge of the 42 Division of the Canadian police when contacted by The Island had admitted the police had been taken for a ride, and promised prompt action to save the image of the police being tarnished by the sordid operations of the LTTE.

Investigations are still on and it is widely believed that the stamp in question will not be printed. On an earlier occasion too the Sri Lankan government foiled an attempt by the LTTE to register an Eelam stamp with the London Philatelic Bureau. This was revealed by Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Media, Mangala Samaraweera, immediately after the PA came to power.

The LTTE as can be seen from its tactics is attacking the Sri Lankan state from all fronts. The latest attempt to issue an Eelam stamp in Canada should awaken the Sri Lanka government and all its foreign missions to what the LTTE is striving for, having failed to achieve its military objectives in Jaffna. The battle for Jaffna is far from over though the LTTE offensive has been successfully halted. The LTTE having lost face will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to wrest control of Jaffna. And in the meantime it is carrying out this kind of propaganda abroad with a view to deriving some legitimacy.

The stamp racket has raised many an eyebrow in diplomatic circles here. The question being asked is why the Canadian authorities did not have the courtesy to consult the Sri Lankan mission there or their mission here prior to agreeing to print a stamp for an LTTE front organisation whose prominent members are known LTTE sympathisers in Canada.

While Canada remains committed to help create a world free from terrorism, it is sad that the LTTE continues to have a safe haven there enjoying the support of some politicians.

Last May, two Canadian ministers, Finance Minister Paul Martin and Minister of International Co-operation Maria Minna took part in an LTTE fund raising dinner organised by the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) which has been identified by the US State Department as an LTTE front. It was revealed later that these two ministers had not heeded the warnings given by the Canadian intelligence and the objections raised by the Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry. They could not turn down the invitation, it is said, because of the considerable Tamil vote in the Canadian electorate. But should these votes be wooed at the risk of strengthening the hands of a narco-terrorist outfit? Is it that Canadian politicians are not different from their Sri Lankan counterparts who won’t hesitate to descend to any low level to secure a few votes?

Thus it could be seen that today the Tiger terrorists have managed to make cat’s paw of prominent Canadian politicians and some in the Canadian police in support of its bloody war against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan government should realise the danger these LTTE tactics are fraught with and act accordingly to counter them. What is the Sri Lankan foreign mission in Canada doing while the LTTE is carrying out all these anti Sri Lankan activities? The LTTE has not yet been fully exposed overseas as a blood thirsty terrorist outfit and its crimes against humanity often go unreported in the foreign media. What is signified by the recent LTTE stamp racket is that rather than the organising skills of the LTTE sympathisers it is lethargy as well as inefficiency of Sri Lanka’s foreign missions that enables the LTTE to continue its anti Sri Lankan propaganda with ease.

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