Govt. has links with LTTE, alleges UNP

The United National Party (UNP) seeks an immediate explanation from the government over its alleged links with the LTTE as disclosed by Deputy, Minister of Post and Telecommunication M. L. A. M. Hizbullah astatement from the UNP states.

The UNP media release says: "President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s hypocrisy in accusing her political rivals of having links with the LTTE while her own government is enjoying a cosy relationship with terrorists has been exposed by Minister Hizbullah in an interview with the Hindu newspaper.

"Deputy Posts and Telecommunications Minister Hizbullah has admitted a "tacit understanding" between the People’s Alliance government of President Kumaratunga and the LTTE that has allowed him to campaign freely.

The Hindu newspaper of today (01 Oct 2000) has reported as follows:

"Describing the LTTE as "a reality" in Batticaloa, Mr. M. L. A. M. Hizbullah Deputy Minister for Telecommunications and a candidate of the National Unity Alliance (NUA), was candid enough to say that were it not for a tacit understanding with the group since the day he was sworn in as Minister in 1994, he would not have been able to nurse his constituency."

"I cannot move in this area without their consent," he stated, as he prepared for yet another day’s campaigning in Kathankudy, a Muslim enclave in the district and his main base. With its modern telecommunication facilities, well-lit streets, new roads and a proper beach, all in the last six years Kathankudy has experienced first-hand the benefits of its leader’s modus vivendi with the Tigers."

The UNP calls for an immediate explanation from the government about its overt and covert links with a terrorist movement and an apology to the nation for the blatant falsehoods aligning the UNP to the LTTE when in fact it is the PA which is maintaining "tacit agreements" with the Tigers.

It is even more shocking that President Kumaratunga has given permission to Mr. Hizbullah to include a LTTE activist suspected of bombing the temple of the tooth in the list of candidates to contest the Batticaloa district as a constituent partner of the People’s Alliance.

In this context the UNP also demands an immediate explanation from President Kumaratunga about her latest secret visit to London where the LTTE maintains its international secretariat.

The PA must come clean on the LTTE issue. The nation has had enough of the PA’s hypocrisy, duplicity and double talk.