Exclusive report from London
British charities fund terrorists

(This is a report which appeared in 'The Island' of October 4th, part of which did not appear in the online edition. We are repeating the entire article today)

by Dushy Ranetunge
The LTTE terrorists have registered several front organisations as charities in Britain and are using them to fund and sustain their terrorist activities in Sri Lanka to the tune of several million pounds sterling, tax free.

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) which has been identified as a terrorist fund raising front at the Canadian Senate Committee for Security and Intelligence is a registered charity in the UK (Charity Number 1010029) raising millions of pounds and transferring them to LTTE control to finance terrorism.

In January last year, a special Canadian Senate Committee issued a report on security and intelligence that identified charitable fund-raising in Canada by international terrorist groups as a problem and recommended changes to the Income Tax Act in Canada. A consultant to this committee, Don Gracey who was interviewed in Ottawa has stated "The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation was one group identified by the committee that in fact, raised money for guns and material used by the Tamil Tigers".

Leading LTTE activists in the UK, writing in pro-LTTE magazines have admitted that the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) and several other "charities" are the "brain child" of the LTTE leader V Prabakaran, who is wanted in India for the assassination of Indiaās former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Charles Somasundrum who works as a volunteer several days a week at Eelam House, 202 Long Lane, London SE1 4QB, the LTTE HQ in London, has stated in "Hot Spring" July 1997 issue, page 20, "Prabakaran has proved himself to be not only a brilliant military tactician but also an equally brilliant and humane administrator. This is borne out by some of the organisations he has established for the citizens of Eelam like "Chencholai" (an organisation for the care of war orphans), TEEDOR (an organisation for economic development of Eelam) and the TRO (an organisation for the rebuilding of war scorched Eelam and the rehabilitation of its citizens)."

It seems that Prabakaran, has also proved too brilliant for the British Charity Commissioner, who has been deceived into registering several terrorist fund raising organisations as charities. By doing so, the British Charity Commissioner has inadvertently given legitimacy to premiere fund raising organisations of a terrorist group listed by the US State Department in its listing of foreign terror groups. The British Charity Commissioner is also unintentionally facilitating the transfer of funds out of the UK, tax free, to finance terrorism in a small weaker democracy. The LTTE is banned in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Italy and it is has been officially designated as a foreign terrorist organisation by the US and Canada.

According to a Tamil community leader in London, who wishes to remain anonymous, because he fears the wrath of the LTTE, three charities and a Housing Association in the UK are controlled by the LTTE and used for terrorist fund raising and propaganda purposes.

He identified these as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation(charity number 1010029), Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre(charity number 1055149), Tamil Refugee Action Group(charity number 1035413) and the Tamil Refugee Housing Association which has recently changed its name to Tamil Community Housing Association.

According to him, the LTTE is exploiting the emotions of the expatriate Tamils and trying to create a perception that the TRO is separate and independent of the LTTE in order to raise funds. He explained that the LTTE controls these organisations with a complex rotation of personnel who have allegiance to the terrorists and identified the TRO secretary Kathiravelpillai Kuhachandran as someone who has worked for the LTTE from the days when they had an office in 42 Albany Street, near Euston.

He also identified Raghavan Vijayakumar, a director of the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre(charity number 1055149) and the London College of Technology as someone who works very closely with AC Shanthan, the LTTE chief in London. According to him, Vijayakumar played a leading role with AC Shanthan in organising several annual fund raising LTTE cricket festivals in London.

The reason that terrorist organisations are applying for charity status is two fold. They gain recognition as a "British Charity" and this enhances their capacity to attract central government, local government and private sector funding and gains credibility to raise funds from the general public. It also gives them a legitimate avenue to channel funds out of Britain to fund their terrorist activities, without incurring UK income tax.

If the LTTE had set up a normal UK company and transferred millions of pounds out of the UK, it would have had to provide explanations to the UK Taxation authorities about the use of funds, as it would have to be of a capital investment nature. Ordinary UK companies cannot transfer a massive proportion of their revenue overseas to charities as a legitimate deductible business expense and as a result will attract UK corporation tax. By deceiving the Charity Commissioner and gaining charitable status facilitates the transfer of funds out of Britain legitimately under the guise of "charitable humanitarian work" without attracting UK Corporation Tax.

A LTTE source who works at Eelam House, the LTTE HQ in London, has disclosed that the main LTTE front in the UK, the United Tamils Organisation (UTO) has been fined by HM Inland Revenue for non payment of taxes. UTO raises funds by organising sports and entertainment events in the UK for the Tamil community.

This illustrates why it is so important for the LTTE to have registered charitable status. If those funds had been paid into the TRO, a registered British charity instead of the UTO, the funds could have been transferred out of the UK, without incurring UK Corporation Tax.

UTO operates out of Eelam House, under the control of the LTTE chief in London, A C Shanthan. It has uniformed security guards and provides "security" to various Tamil events and in return gets an agreed generous contribution. It is a LTTE version of Mafia or Triad "protection racket", but no one complains because of the Mafia style fear grip that the LTTE has over the Tamil community. Those who oppose the LTTE, even democratically are living in Colombo, under the armed protection of the Sri Lankan government as they live in constant fear of assassination. The LTTE routinely assassinates fellow Tamils it regards as being "traitors".

The TRO has declared to the British authorities that since 1995 it has transferred approximately two and a half million pounds from Britain to TRO Jaffna. But TRO Jaffna does not exist. What was TRO Jaffna, fled Jaffna in 1995 with the LTTE into the Vanni jungles in northern Sri Lanka as the Sri Lankan army took control of the Jaffna peninsula. So the funds could have never been transferred to TRO Jaffna, as declared to the British authorities, in Jaffna or to Kilinochchi in the Vanni jungles, as there are no Banks operating in the jungles of the Vanni.

The other possibility is for the funds to have been transferred to Colombo and approximately 300 million rupees (at the current exchange rate) to have been carried in suitcases into the Vanni. This, together with the possibility of transporting relief goods from Colombo into the jungles would be impossible as the Sri Lankan army would not permit an organisation which is not a registered charity in Sri Lanka to transport 300 million Rupees worth of relief goods into rebel held areas.

According to a security specialist based in the United Kingdom, the 2.5 million pounds of UK tax free funds, have never reached TRO Jaffna as declared to the British authorities or reached any part of Sri Lanka. He states that the funds have been transferred for the purchase of arms and explosives as commented by Don Gracey, consultant to the Canadian Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence.

In November 1998 at a press conference, during a visit to South Africa by Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, a LTTE front group known as the PASLO (People Against Sri Lankan Oppression) was given a patient hearing. The PASLO representative boasted to the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, that they had raised a large sum of money for the TRO and had sent it to Sri Lanka via Australia.

TROās world HQ in Australia is headed by Jay Maheswaren who is also an employee of SBS, a Television and radio broadcaster in Australia and is responsible for the Tamil language broadcasts. He is currently under investigation by SBS. Working with Jay Maheswaran is N Nanthakumaran, a senior official of the TRO. The TRO Bank account at the Commonwealth Bank is in his name. Nanthakumaran of TRO Australia works directly under Kumaran Pathmanathan, the chief arms procurement officer of the LTTE.

The British Charity Commissioner has been deceived into legitimising and aiding the fund raising organisations of the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, which has been criticised this year by the UN, for its use of child soldiers in combat and has killed thousands of innocent men women and children in Sri Lanka.

In the United Kingdom, from its very inception, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation has been dominated by LTTE activists and directly controlled by the LTTE via a complex network of personnel who have allegiance to the terrorists.

Its UK founder subscribers, are Pathmanabhan Nagulesan, N Sivananthan, P M Quintus, T Manmatharah, K Jeyakumar, M Thangarajah, Dr Sathasivam Maheswaran, R Satkunananthan, Rasiah Navanayagam and Kengai Pennampalam Chetty. An overwhelming majority of them are known LTTE activists in London.

Dr Sathasivam Maheswaran is an engineer by profession and was an advisor to to set up an LTTE Air Wing.

The LTTE already have a naval capability and have over the years attacked and sunk civilian passenger ferries, foreign cargo ships using the international shipping lanes, Sri Lankan naval crafts, and have been engaging in international piracy.

Among the many terrorist groups in the world, the LTTE has used the highest number of suicide bombers, who have blown themselves up, exploding the plastic explosives moulded and strapped to their bodies, assassinating fellow democratic Tamil politicians and even world leaders such as President Pemadasa of Sri Lanka and the former prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. The LTTE has perfected suicide technology to carry out attacks, including the use of Oklahoma style truck bombs causing massive civilian collateral damage. They have transferred this suicide technology to small high speed boats, which are used to ram other vessels, detonating the explosives packed in the terrorist craft, and blowing up the target vessel. Dr Sathasivam Maheswaran, a founder subscriber of the TRO, which is now a British charity, was a former adviser to the LTTE air wing.

Dr Sathasivam Maheswaran alias "Periya", formerly of Athedi New Road, Jaffna was arrested in Sri Lanka on 1st September 1993 and charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and given a prison sentence and a fine at court No. 2, High Court case number 6347/93. He now lives in London.

Other than procuring military manuals, documents and Videos, Dr Sathasivam Maheswaran and the LTTEās official spokesman Ramalingam Vallipuram Ramachandran alias Anton Rajah was in the early 1990ās involved in an attempt to purchase a light aircraft in Britain and Anton Rajah underwent training to become a pilot in a British airfield with a group of LTTE cadres including a suicide bomber known as Pampan Ajith.

The US State Departmentās Global Terrorism report lists the World Tamil Association (WTA), World Tamil Movement (WTM), the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils(FACT) and the Ellalan Force as known terrorist fronts of the LTTE. One of the constituent organisations of the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils(FACT) is the Tamil Eelam Society of Canada. (TESOC).

The Canadian branch of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation(TRO) operates out of the same offices as the Tamil Eelam Society of Canada (TESOC), 861 Broadview Avenue, Toronto M4K 2P9, Ontario and is headed by Mr E Gunananthan a well known LTTE activist in Canada.

In Sweden and several other European countries, the front name of the LTTE is TCC, (Tamil Co-ordinating Committee.) The Swedish office of the LTTE is located at Glomminge Grand-25, 3rd Floor, 16362 Spanga, Sweden. The British Charity TRO has its office at Glomminge Grand - 29, 1st Floor, 16362 Spanga, Sweden.

In addition to Canada and Sweden, TRO has offices in over 16 countries and in many of them, it shares the same premises as the LTTE, if not the same town.

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation frequently falsely publicises that it is a registered charity in Sri Lanka. In July this year, an editorial of the LTTE controlled newspaper the Tamil Guardian repeated this falsehood. This is an attempt to deceive the ignorant in order gain legitimacy to raise funds. Its preferred marketing strategy is to state that the TRO is a registered charity in Sri Lanka and Britain.

The "Island" contacted Mr Raymond Perera the Director of the National Secretariat for NGOās in Sri Lanka, who confirmed that the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation(TRO) is not a registered charity in Sri Lanka. The "Island" also learns that in July there was a similar inquiry from the British Prime Ministers office.

The Deputy Director, Mr Mandawela later confirmed that the Social Services Act in Sri Lanka was amended in 1998, requiring all charities to apply for registration with the National Secretariat for NGOās and that so far over 160 have been registered and that the TRO is not one of them and that it is unlikely that the Defence Ministry will give it clearance to register as a charity in Sri Lanka.

Recently the TRO in Canada has been trying to raise funds stating that it is affiliated to the Sri Lankan government charity "Janasaviya". This is again a falsehood, as "Janasaviya" ceased to exist in 1994 and has been replaced with "Samurdhi", which has no affiliation to the TRO. Ramalingam Vallipuram Ramachandran alias Anton Rajah who has frequently appeared on CNN as the LTTEās Official spokesman, and trained to become a pilot with a LTTE suicide bomber in a British airfield, also works for another British charity controlled by the LTTE called the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre (British charity number 1055149). He is a tutor and a verifier.

An overwhelming majority of the revenue of the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre is from London Boroughs, which are UK local authorities and various other UK educational grants.

The charity status given to these establishments enhances their ability to attracts grants from UK central and local governmental bodies and the funds are being used to provide employment key LTTE activists in the UK, who are working for the terrorist cause and to fund terrorism abroad.

The staff and trainees of the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre, including Anton Rajah, the LTTEās "official spokesman" have also been to British seaside resorts of Margate and Bournemouth. The British tax payer is paying to provide employment for known terrorist activists and for them to go on holiday as well. It would be recalled that according to the Australian terrorism specialist Dr. Peter Chalk, the LTTE’s previous international spokesman V. Manoharan, who in early 1997 replaced Lawrance Thilakar as Head of the International Secretariat of the LTTE and signed a petition challenging the US designation of the LTTE as a terrorist group in 1997, had been identified by the INTERPOL as having been imprisoned in France for 2 years for possession of heroin.

Once again the management committee of this British "charity" is packed with known LTTE activists. For example, there is Miss Eliza Packiadevi Mann formally of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation(TRO), formally co-ordinator of the Tamil Centre for Human Rights (TCHR), formally of the Tamil Refugee Housing Association, Director of The World Peace Organisation (UK), Director of the Tamil Refugee Action Group (TRAG), Director of the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre and the Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organisation (TEEDOR) which operates from Eelam House, 202 Long Lane, London SE1 which is the LTTE headquarters in the UK. All the above are LTTE fronts and three are charities registered in Britain.

The Tamil Centre for Human Rights (TCHR) was exposed as a terrorist front earlier this year at the United Nations(UN). On the 18th of May 2000, the UN Committee of Non-Governmental organisations published a press release(NGO/345), indicating that the Tamil Centre for Human Rights had been refused consultative status because of "concerns raised about its connections with terrorist activities."

In 1997 I visited a sports event organised by the JSSA (Jaffna Schools Sports Association) at the Warren Farm School Sports Centre in Southall in Middlesex. The event had a TRO stall and working in it representing the TRO was Miss Eliza Packiadevi Mann. I photographed the stall and a poster with the photoās of three of Sri Lankas leaders, Prime Minister, SWRD Bandaranayake, Mrs Sirima Banadaranayake who was the worldās first woman Prime Minister, and the current Sri Lankan President, Mrs Chandrika Kumaratunga. The caption read "A Dynasty of Murderers of Tamil People". The photograph was published in Rohan Gunaratnaās book, "Sri Lankaās Ethnic Crisis and National Security", published in Sri Lanka.

A similar sports event held at the same venue on 30th August 1999 ended with a shooting incident and the British Police shut down the event and ordered everyone to vacate the grounds. The event was organised by the LTTE chief A C Shanthan and Raghavan Vijayakumar, a director of the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre(charity number 1055149). A C Shanthan was photographed being questioned by the Police at the event, after the shooting incident.

A question that begs to be answered is, if the "real IRA" were to register a fund raising front organisation as a charity in Britain and had a poster with the photoās of three British PMās with a caption "A Dynasty of Murderers of Irish Peoples" what would be the reaction of the British Charity Commissioner?

Other than fund raising using British charities as a front, the LTTE is also involved in drug trafficking to finance its terrorist operations. Earlier this year a comprehensive report on LTTE operations world wide was issued by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and can be found on the Internet

An investigation into the three charities and the Housing Association mentioned above came up with some interesting results. Other than the incidents of Eliza Mann and Anton Rajah above, there is a Mr T Santheepan listed as a member of the Management Committee of the Tamil Community Housing Association in 1996.

His private address is listed as being 211 Katherine Road, E6. This is the same address as the LTTE International Secretariat in London and can be found on all their literature and their web site, The web site is registered in A C Shanthanās name, with the LTTE HQ, Eelam House, 202 Long Lane, London SE1 as the registered address.

This Housing Association also has Ms Deidre McConnell listed as a member of the management committee in 1997. On 18th May 2000, it was Ms Deirdre McConnell who represented TCHR at the United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations at the UN headquarters in New York as the application of TCHR came up for consideration for consultative status, and was later rejected by the UN, because of her organisations links with terrorists.

Another interesting fact is that the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation has raised approximately 3 million pounds sterling since 1995, without incurring any staff costs. TRO must be the only charity in the United Kingdom, which has raised millions without a penny being spent on staff. Volunteers raising 3 million pounds?

According to a UK based security specialist, these are funds raised by the LTTE collection gangs. The LTTE maintains a huge data base of Tamil expatriates and businesses in the United Kingdom. The "boys" as they are known have been allocated their areas in London and they go about collecting money, by knocking on peoples doors. "collection gangs" operate outside areas where they live, so that the victims can never identify the "collectors".

The Tamil people know that the collection is for the LTTE and if anyone refuses to pay up, there will be a subtle threat "How are your parents doing back home?, Is your uncle in good health? Is there anything we could do to help your sister in Sri Lanka?", to abusive telephone calls. Tamil shops in London have TRO collection tills, LTTE controlled newspapers, magazines and Tamil satellite radio stations such as IBC advertise the TRO requesting contributions and the "boys" are seen loitering at Hindu Temples in London etc. requesting contributions from Tamils who visit the temples. The British Police are aware of the problem, but emphasise that they cannot take any action, until someone is prepared to make a complaint and go through with the legal process till its conclusion. Even if the victims complain, frequently they withdraw their complaint because of family pressure originating from LTTE threats to take action. In Sri Lanka, the LTTE routinely executes those whom they see as "traitors" to their cause.

An examination of the terrorist controlled British charities mentioned and those who have been in positions of control, resulted in the same names cropping up over and over again.

Eliza Mann above is a classic example. Then there is Emmanuel Victor Cherubim who has taken turns as a director in the Tamil Refugee Action Group(charity number 1035413) 98/99, and the Tamil Refugee Housing Association from 1995 to date.

Then there is Kengai Pennampalam Seetharaman Chetty. He is a solicitor who has his solicitors offices at the same address as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation, 79 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 4SA, the British registered charity and the LTTEās premier fund raising organisation. His name appears over the last five years as director and Secretary of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation, director of the Tamil Refugee Action Group, and on the management committee of the Tamil Community Housing Association. He frequently advertises his services as a solicitor in the LTTE controlled publications in London, the "Tamil Guardian" and the now defunct "Hot Spring" magazine.

The TRO is in the process of moving to a new location at Forest Road, in Walthamstow. Its charity shop at 520 Forest Road, Walthamstow, London E17 4NB sells second hand goods to raise funds. This is their only charity shop in the UK and it maintains the facade and reinforces the perception among ordinary Tamils, that the TRO is nothing but a charity organisation helping unfortunate Tamils. Among the many items for sale at this charity shop are a large variety of canned fruit, such as Mangoes, Jack fruit etc. The brand name is "Palmax" of 66/42 Romkloa Road, Minburi, Bangkok 10510, Thailand. This canned fruit operation is yet another business venture which is under the control of Kumaran Pathmanathan, the chief arms procurement officer of the LTTE, who is based in South East Asia.

Kathiravelpillai Kuhachandran is the Secretary of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation. He is also a Housing co-ordinator in the Tamil Community Housing Association and his wife Pushpananthy Kuhachandran is a director at the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre, where Eliza Mann is another director and the LTTE spokesman Anton Rajah alias Ramalingam Vallipuram Ramachandran is a tutor.

Rasiah Navanayagam who is a director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation is also a case worker at the Tamil Refugee Action Group.

Mrs Krishnaverny Mageswaran alias Verny is director/office administrator at the Tamil Refugee Action Group and has also been administrator and director at the Tamil Refugee Training and Education Centre. Her husband Kumarasamy Mageswaran, owns several shops called "Kumarans", is a director of Tamil Refugee Action Group and is also interestingly involved in another venture called Cancer Aid for North/East(Sri Lanka) also known as CANE. (British charity number 1044299)

The executive committee of CANE, Cancer Aid for North/East(Sri Lanka) are Dr J Namasivayam, Mr Kumaran(Kumarasamy) Mageswaran, Dr N Paramanathan, Dr S Puthrasingham, Mr S Sabanayagam, Mr N Ariyaratnam, Mrs S Sivagnan asundaram, Dr S Soosainathan, Mrs Madhini Sriskandarajah and Mr M Thangarajah.

Mrs Madhini Sriskandarajah is the wife of Mr Sellathamby Sriskandarajah, a former director of the Tamil information Centre.

Dr Saba Vinayoga Moorthy can be found as director and vice chairman of the Tamil Refugee Action Group and director of the Tamil Refugee Education and Training Centre. Interestingly, he is also a director of Melrose Publications which published the pro-LTTE magazine "Hot Spring". Lawrence Thilakar, a LTTE central committee member, and head of the LTTE International Secretariat at the time, was the chief guest at the launching ceremony of this magazine in 1996. Mr Sellathamby Sriskandarajah mentioned above was among the invited guests at this ceremony, together with other selected LTTE activists.

Mr Vairamuttu Varadakumar who at present runs the Tamil Information Centre was a former member of staff at the Tamil Refugee Action Group. Several directors of the Tamil Information Centre are known terrorist activists and one of them, S Sivanayagam was even imprisoned in India after the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. He was the editor of the "Hot Spring" magazine which ceased publication a few months ago.

Paul Paskaran is also a director of Melrose publications and Tamil Refugee Action Group.

The Tamil Refugee Action Group(charity number 1035413) has its offices on the 1st Floor, 111 High Holborn, London WC1V 6JS and their rent is paid by the London Borough of Camden. Among those who have provided grants to this group are the London Borough Grant Unit, the London Borough of Camden, British Refugee Council, Woman to Woman Programme, the Home Office, City Parochial Foundation and even the Tamil Refugee Housing Association, which has had members who have been identified at the UN level for being associated with terrorists and one even giving his private address as the LTTE International Secretariat in London.

Dr Pathmanabhan Nagulesan can be found as a director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation(92-96), Tamil Refugee Action Group(91-94) and even as a director of the British Refugee Council.(94-95).

Mailvaganam Markandan another solicitor who has his legal practice offices at Thamil House, 720 Romford Road, London E12 has the same address as the Tamil Information Centre, a LTTE front which criticises human rights violations of the Sri Lankan government, while concealing and even justifying human rights violations of the LTTE. Mr Markandan has also been a director of the British Refugee Council (93-95). During the mid 1990ās several TV programmes relating to the Sri Lankan conflict were produced in the United Kingdom with the assistance of the British Refugee Council and they were criticised at the time for being one sided. i.e. publicising Sri Lankan government human rights violations and ignoring LTTE human rights violations. It was alleged at the time that sympathisers of the LTTE were using the British Refugee Council to further their terrorist agenda, not with the motive of enhancing human rights in Sri Lanka, but with the motive of damaging Sri Lanka and justifying LTTE terrorism.

The most high profile of the group is Dr Navasivayam Sathiyamoorthy alias Dr N S Moorthy alias Dr Sathya Moorthy. He is a director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation and also a director of the Tamil Refugee Education and Training Centre. Dr Sathiyamoorthy has a long association with the LTTE going back to Sri Lanka and India. He has also taken up broadcasting with a regular weekly slot in the LTTE controlled satellite Radio, IBC (International Broadcasting Corporation), broadcast on the Astra satellite from the UK. His programme broadcast every Tuesday between 9 and 10 p.m. is called "Sangappalagai". On Tuesday 19th September his topic of broadcast was opposition to Hindu temples in London distributing Sinhala newspapers. A director of a British charity was taking refuge in the fact that by speaking in Tamil, the Charity Commissioner will be ignorant of his blatant racism/communalism. IBC which is broadcasting in Tamil blatantly violates guidelines which it has to adhere, to satisfy British broadcast licensing requirements, by whipping up Tamil nationalism by vicious racist attacks on the Sinhala majority in Sri Lanka.

But, like the Charity Commissioner, the British broadcasting licensing authorities are unaware of terrorist propaganda and fund-raising activity taking place under their very noses.

This known terrorist activist has even been honoured in Britain by being made a "Freeman of the City of London". This is not surprising, as Australia honoured professor Christie Jeyam Eliezer, another known terrorist activist by decorating him with the "member of the order of Australia" award in 1996. One year later, in 1997, the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran, wanted for the murder of two world leaders, awarded him the "Maamanithar" (Big Man) award.

Cumarasamy Sithamparapillai is director of the Refugee Arrivals Project, Tamil Refugee Action Group and the World Peace Organisation(UK), where his co-director is Eliza Mann. The World Peace Organisation (UK) is another group controlled by the terrorist activists which is setting itself up to apply for charity status, and will soon be canvassing for public funds.

Sithamparapillai (chairman, International Tamil Foundation) played a leading role in an "International Conference" organised by another LTTE front, the International Federation of Tamils which was held on 26th and 27th September 1996 at the Ealing Town Hall. It was packed with known LTTE activists and some British politicians who have been heavily lobbied by the LTTE and frequently attend LTTE events because of electoral pressure of the 100,000 plus Tamils who now live in the United Kingdom, with a majority concentrated in London.

The President of the International Federation of Tamils is James Karunakaran, alias James Karu, alias James Karan who participates at various LTTE terrorist propaganda events, with directors of British charities. James Karan, Ms Deidre McConnell and Eliza Mann were in Geneva in August 1999, where the International Federation of Tamils organised a massive LTTE demonstration and spoke on the LTTE platform, sharing it with a larger than life cardboard cut out of the LTTE leader V Prabakaran and LTTE flags.

Since 1995, the three British charities and the Housing Association has raised over 8 million pounds. Most of the funds have been attracted as grants from local and central government because of the legitimacy these organisations have derived from being registered charities and a Housing Association in the UK. The Tamil Refugee Action Group has even got a British National Lottery grant of £ 78,450 pounds awarded on 2nd December 1998. Tamil Refugee Education and Training Centre where the LTTE official spokesman Anton Rajah works, has also attracted a British National Lottery grant of £ 155,484 pounds, awarded on 4th March 1999. It is a grant covering a period of 3 years.

The TRO has declared to the British authorities that since 1995 approximately 2.5 million pounds have gone from Britain to LTTE control, tax free, via the charity under the guise of "rehabilitation work". Although TRO has raised approximately 3 million pounds since 1995 and have no staff costs, most of those who canvass for the TRO are working for the other two charities and the Housing Association and are receiving salaries courtesy of the British tax payer. The total salary costs since 1995 of the Housing Association and the two charities (excluding TRO which has no salary costs) is approximately 1.5 million pounds.

By raising over £3 million pounds in the UK, without paying Value Added Tax on turnover and transferring over £2.5 million pounds out of Britain since 1995, exploiting the "charity status" it has gained by deception to avoid the payment of corporation tax, the LTTE may have defrauded the British Treasury, Her Majestyās Inland Revenue and Her Majestyās Customs and Excise of over a million pounds.

There is no doubt that these groups are doing some degree of charity work and no doubt that the TRO does carry out refugee relief work in the Vanni jungles, but in the words of Charles Somasundram, the LTTE activist who wrote in the "Hot Spring" magazine, these charities are the brainchild of the LTTE leader Prabakaran. The charity work they carry out in the Vanni jungles is minuscule, (a fraction of the £ 2.5 million pounds that has been sent from Britain) compared to the other organisations such as UNHCR, ICRC, OXFAM etc. who are active in the conflict areas and refuse to have anything to do with the TRO, as they are all aware of TROās LTTE connections. In its propaganda the TRO claims that it "works with" organisations such as CARE, MSF, UNHCR and UNICEF in order to gain credibility and legitimacy.

The charity work of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation is a facade to cover up its primary purpose, which is to raise funds to purchase weapons as commented by Don Gracey, security specialist to the Canadian Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence. The little work the TRO does in the Vanni jungles is given massive publicity in the LTTE controlled media in order to create a distorted perception among expatriate Tamils, that they are the largest NGO operating in the Vanni jungles, so as to emotionally target them and raise more funds to finance terrorism.

While UNHCR, ICRC, OXFAM and other international organisations move about freely all over Sri Lanka, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (British charity number 1010029), only operates in terrorist held areas of Sri Lanka, because as a terrorist outfit, it has no legitimacy in parts of Sri Lanka where democracy prevails.

The TRO is therefore unique among British charities. Not only has it raised approximately £ 3 million pounds since 1995, without incurring any staff costs, it is also the only British charity to exclusively operate in LTTE held areas and have no offices or presence in areas under control of the government of Sri Lanka. The "Island" learns that some individuals operating clandestinely have approached various diplomatic missions in Colombo over the years and canvassed for funds stating that the TRO is a registered charity in Sri Lanka and Britain. A diplomatic mission in Colombo from a European Union nation had initially made a contribution, but thereafter ceased making any contributions after it had made its own investigations and leant that the TRO is a LTTE fund raising front.

If the TRO is shut down as a result of action by the international community, it will have no impact on the welfare of the Tamil people in the Vanni, but have a massive impact on the funding of the terrorist operation and their capacity to carry on terrorising the people of Sri Lanka. The impact would be similar in proportion to the effect on the IRA, of shutting down NORAID, the IRAās primary fund raising outfit, based in the United States. Professor Peter Chalk of Queensland University in Australia writing in an unclassified security report released earlier this year by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service states that eighty to ninety percent of the LTTEās war chest comes from overseas. The TRO is being used as a conduit to transfer funds out of the UK, legitimately and tax free to purchase arms, and the other two charities and the Housing Association acts as "employment Banks" to provide employment and housing to known LTTE activists, including their official spokesman Ramalingam Vallipuram Ramachandran alias Anton Rajah. It is a "jobs and housing for the boys scheme" courtesy of the British tax payer.

By being active in Tamil refugee related work in the United Kingdom, the LTTE is also able to maintain a huge data base of names and addresses of Tamils arriving to the UK, their relatives and connections in Sri Lanka etc. and use this information to target their propaganda and to raise funds. Almost every Tamil home and business in the United Kingdom is visited by the "boys" to collect funds for the "cause" on a regular basis. The British Police are aware of this.

Those unfortunate Tamils who arrive in the UK as refugees and have passed through these particular British charities are also potential recruits, for LTTE political lobbying and are mobilised for LTTE rallies, marches, vigils, meetings etc. in London forming an LTTE overseas constituency. They form an important "voting block" in order to impress British politicians such as Simon Hughes MP of the Liberal Democratic Party, and London Euro MPās such as Robert Evans MEP and Barry Gardiner MEP who are all frequent speakers at LTTE events. The LTTE is abusing the liberal institutions in western democracies to further its terrorist cause in Sri Lanka, in a similar way to which NORAID raised funds in the United States under the guise of "humanitarian work" to fund terrorism in Northern Ireland. It must be emphasised that NORAID was mild, compared to the LTTE. Britain has a moral obligation to crack down on these terrorist organisations, which are abusing the liberal institutions in Britain to fund Terrorism in weaker democracies around the world. If Britain does not act, and institutions such as the Charity Commission, continues to allow terrorists fund raising organisations to gain legitimacy and facilitate the transfer of funds out of Britain, tax free to fund terrorists in other countries, Britain would not be in a position to accuse countries such as Libya, Iran, Iraq etc. of being terrorist states funding and aiding terrorism against the Western democracies.