Sampanthan asks police to probe Mahindapura massacre

By Shamindra Ferdinando
The TULF yesterday said that seven innocent Tamil civilians including a woman were massacred early last week at Mahindapura in the Trincomalee district.

Senior TULF leader R. Sampanthan, leading that party’s campaign in the Trincomalee district, said that they were gunned down in a paddy field in apparent retaliation against the killing of three home guards. He held the security forces responsible for the killings.

Speaking to The Island from his office at Trincomalee, the ex-MP stressed that the police and the security top brass in the region must inquire into this massacre and take appropriate action against members of the security forces if they were found guilty.

Sampanthan has urged security authorities to investigate the massacre as soon as possible. "People have been terrified over the deaths of these innocent men and woman," he said.

Asked whether there were attacks on Tamil civilians following the LTTE suicide bomb attack that killed 27 persons at a PA rally at Muttur last Monday, Sampanthan said "no".

He commented police for preventing possible revenge attacks on Tamils in the Muttur area. Police said that they were able to maintain law and order despite attempts to inspire revenge attacks. A senior police official said that the Muslim of Muttur closed their shops and protested the LTTE terrorist attack.

Police said that altogether 37 persons were killed and about 100 wounded in last week’s incidents in the Trincomalee district.