FUTUREKIDS holds awards ceremony

The age of information technology has given rise to a computer generation, highly advanced in thought and behavior, inspired by the challenge of shaping the future. Since parents have understood the demand for their children's need to handle greater technological skills, they seek good, competitive institute for their children. Many parents may tend to send their child to an internationally recognized computer teaching institute.

"This tendency has brought many students to the Futurekids computer learning centers", a spokesman for the Futurekids said.

Futurekids computer learning centers, a member of Informatics Group of companies, held its award ceremonies in Colombo and Kandy recently, for the students who completed the technology curriculum for the academic year 1999/2000.

It was also the second anniversary of the programme in Sri Lanka. Futurekids, the world's largest computer mastery programme for kids, was launched in 1998 May to teach computer literacy to children between 4-14 years. Since then Futruekids has trained thousands of Sri Lankan kids on a broad spectrum of computer literacy and how to apply technology to the real life. Based on social, scientific, environmental, economical and other themes, from basic levels to the more advanced level kids learn about computers and more about the world.

"Our expertise with children include sensitivity and care, helping them to get comfortable using technology in all aspects of their lives and tapping the full potential of the computer as a productivity tool in the 21st century," the spokesman said.

This year kids recieved their certificates and awrds for the Futurekids Frotniers curriculum. The chief guest of the ceremony was Prof. V.K.Samaranayake- Director, Institute of Computer Technology of Colombo University. The Manageing Director of Informatics Groupd of Companies Gamini Wickreamasinghe also participated in the occasion.

Futurekids programme currently operates in over 75 countries and classes are held in over 2000 locations around the world. There are millions of students attending computer mastery classes within a week in all the international Futurekids centers. The international headquarters is located in Los Angeles.

Futurekids have the advantage of continuing their studies in any of the Futurekids learning centers in any country. In Sri Lanka, programme is spreaded in Bamabalapitiya, Nugegoda, Wattala, Kandy, Ratnapura, Kurunegala, and Kegalle. (SIJA)