Seminar on the need and benefits of energy conservation organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in its continuous effort to serve the needs of its constituents has turned its attention to the ill effects of an energy shortage.

The Chamber on recognition of the serious implications of an energy shortage towards industry submitted a proposal of recommendations to the government of Sri Lanka in order to minimise the ill effects of an energy crisis. While this would take a medium to long term approach to the problem, the chamber recognised that conservation of energy is a vital component of the energy management system.

It is this aspect of energy management that the chamber wishes to address at the seminar, which is to be held on 15 December, at the ground floor auditorium of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, under the banner of "Customer Education on Energy Conservation". This seminar will be targeted towards production/maintenance managers of all industries.

The seminar will be conducted by a team of experts led by S. Jayalath, Deputy General Manager, Demand - Side Management of the Ceylon Electricity Board.