Himalayan expedition by Royal College Adventure Club students


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Royal College Adventure Club group
at the Gokyo Peak in Nepal

After the formation of the adventure club of Royal College five students of year 13 with a master in charge made a successful climb to the Gokyo peak in Nepal recently.

The student group who made the historic venture consisted of Tharaka Chandrsekara (chairman), Sashike Jayasinghe (secretary), Randel Keerthipala (treasurer) and Supeshala Mohotti all of the adventure club of Royal College along with the master in charge Mr. B. M. H. K. Basnayake.

The Himalayan mountain range stands 350 km to the north east of Nepalian capital Katmandu. There are two tracks to the mountaineers to choose from to visit the Himalayan range. One track leads to the Everest base camp and the other to the peak. The group travelled to the Gokyo peak 18000 ft above sea level. They were the first group of Royalists as well as the first group of Sri Lankan students to reach the Gokyo peak.

After travelling a full day by bus from Katmandu they reached the town called Giry and from there started on the historic journey. After walking 12 days they


reached Namche bazaar one of the main villages on the way to the top. They walked for seven days and reached a small village called Gokyo. At Gokyo they made friends with some European tourists and got information about the rest of the climb from Gokyo village. On the next day at about 4.30 in the morning they started to climb the Gokyo peak.

They reached their destination around 7a.m. and were fortunate to see mother nature’s beautiful sight of the rising sun.

"Our thoughts went back to Sri Lanka where one sees the rising sun from Siri Pada. From Siri Pada one sees the sun rising from the distant eastern horizon over the sea, but at the Gokyo peak it is quite different. Here we see the sun rising behind the great mount the Everest. It is a beautiful site where one cannot explain it in words," says a member of the grouup.

They also saw the picturesque sites of the world largest glazier and the lakes of Gokyo. Gokyo peak is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. Mount Everest is clearly visible from the peak. The temperature at the peak was - 40c and the group experienced the fall of snow for the first time.

"During our journey we faced slight setbacks. Extreme cold, the difficulty of having our meals and the heavy rains that fell on our way to Katmandu. Overcoming all obstacles we reached our goal and transformed our dreams into reality, as we proudly held high the college flag along with the national flag," he said.

The group remained at the peak for some time enjoying the picturesque site around it and began their descent to Gokyo village. On the same day the group set back to Giry. From Gokyo they walked for about four days and came to an airport called Luklar. From there it was a helicopter ride to Giry. On the same day the group set back to Katmandu.