Malini dies in Los Angelesmalini

Visharada Malini Bulathsinhala, popular singer and versatile artiste died in Los Angeles yesterday. She was in the US to perform at a concert.The singer was found dead in the bathroom yesterday at the residence of the Sri Lanka Consul Tissa Wijeratne.

It is believed that she may have died of a heart attack. This has not been officially confirmed.

Her demise will be a great loss to the music industry, as she was a singer with great versatility, enabling her to span both ‘shaastriya’ and popular music.She began her career at the age of 10, as a child artiste with the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. She joined the Institute of Aesthetic Studies where she studied music. Visharada Dr. W. D. Amaradeva and Sanath Nandasiri were her teachers.Her song ‘Sandamandala’ established her as both a serious and popular singer. Her songs were often critiques of social situations within the country.

She was the wife of musician H. M. Jayawardena and the mother of one child.

Her remains will be brought to Colombo within the next few days.