To advise on productivity

The Republic of Korea has agreed to provide the services of Dr. Chuk Kyo Kim to advise the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Industrial Development on Productivity Promotion and a National Industrial Policy, a press release said. He is a graduate from the Seoul National University and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Bochum University, Germany.

During his two-month tenure in Sri Lanka, Kim will mainly focus his presentation to the national productivity enhancement strategy in Sri Lanka and areas and approaches for further improvement, and also on the national industrial policy within the national development strategy and its effectiveness in the current rapidly changing environment. He will work with the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Industrial Development, National Institute of Business Management, National Productivity Secretariat and other relevant agencies.

The Korea International Co-operation Agency (KOICA) has sent Korean experts to developing countries to share Korea’s development experience and technical expertise through counselling and guidance, as well as through research activities. This programme is carried out as a major part of the Human Resources Development (HRD) programmes for developing countries