SriLankan’s version of UL 557 incident

While SriLankan Airlines flight UL 557 from Colombo to Frankfurt was taxiing for take off in the early hours of April 11, smoke was detected in the cabin and the captain made a decision to evacuate the aircraft, a SriLankan Airlines press release said .

One hundred and forty-five passengers and crew were successfully evacuated from the aircraft, of which four passengers sustained injuries, one seriously. Another aircraft was made available and with the exception of the four injured and the persons accompanying them, all passengers departed for Frankfurt by noon that day. The seriously injured passenger succumbed to his injuries in hospital on the night of April 15.

The cause of smoke in the cabin was traced to a malfunction of the aircrafts’s auxiliary power unit (APU). It would appear that an oil seal failed inside the APU which led to oil contamination of the bleed air ducts from the APU to the air conditioning system, resulting in smoke entering the cabin. "We would like to reiterate that no fire broke out on this aircraft. In fact after replacing the APU, the aircraft was declared fully serviceable and operated our flight to Zurich on April 12," the release added.