Manufacturing consent for Eelam

By Durand Appuhamy
The LTTE has always been engaged in the subtle art of manufacturing consent for Eelam. They have suffered internationally by the proscriptions imposed on them by various countries. To them this is only a temporary setback. They will continue their relentless highly effective propaganda backed up by intensive lobbying of foreign politicians to restore their status as "liberation fighters" of Eelam. Even now with a banning order hanging over them; they are functioning almost as normal in UK. This is evident from the many consultations Mr. Solheim has had with Mr. Balasingham in London as the accredited representative of the LTTE in UK. Instead Mr. Balasingham should be tried as a war criminal in UK.

The statement released after Mr. Solheim’s latest visit to theVanni recently is quite blunt. To quote " the international community should understand that we cannot participate in peace talks as an illegal, criminal entity with a distorted false label as ‘terrorists’.......... We have fought a liberation war for more than two decades............ It is the collective aspiration of our people that a ban on our liberation organization should belifted" (The Island , May 19). The lifting of the ban would be tantamount to recognition of legitimacy, and that would be their initial positioning of themselves on the high road toEelam. Therefore the Sri Lankan government should not yield on this point.

What should be of concern to everyone are the efforts to manufacture consent within our country and among the Sinhala electorate. This takes many forms. First among them is the "engineering of our history", or rather the pure fabrication, to create ex nihilo the concept of homeland and self-determination. Though many a learned person has exposed this hoax, the fact remains that these concepts are still at play as crucial items for a negotiated settlement. The Sinhala politicians opposed to Tamil homeland are in fact afraid to voice their opinions in public. The few commentators, who have opposed this racially homogenous enclave within Sri Lanka, have been condemned as rabid racists and Sinhala chauvinists. The rest tacitly accept it as matters for negotiation. Thus willy-nilly the Sinhala constituency has come to accept the LTTE concocted geographical area known as Eelam. In this respect the LTTE have won their case to the extent that both the Government in power and the opposition are prepared to consider this issue. In fact, both parties should have taken a stand against it from the very beginning, on the ground among many others, that it was a fictitious apartheid entity divisive of the country. The governments in power over this period never took the offensive to expose and dispose this phony fiction in any convincing manner, even though, they have had all the arguments on their side.

The NGOs and their allied peace brigade are the foot-soldiers engaged in untiring effort to manufacture consent for Eelam. Their anti-war advertisements are calculated to discourage recruitment to the Security Forces. One wonders why the Government has not arraigned them for disseminating sedition and defection among the security forces, and sowing disaffection among the populace for the war effort of the Government. Such saboteurs should not be allowed to ply their outrageous pro- LTTE propaganda. Yet the government is fleet-footed to pounce on the independent newspapers when they expose corruption and the many inexcusable shenanigans among the hierarchy of the armed forces. These exposures are regarded as inimical to the morale of our fighting men and as acts of treachery. In fact cleaning up the army of corrupt officials would do wonders to the men in the frontline. In fact when the culprits in the forces are promoted, one can only expect the army to degenerate. Is it any wonder that the hapless public, deprived of any balanced report from the war-front, due to the draconian press censorship in operation, are wont to swallow wholesale the partisan propaganda of these peace peddlers? This is, in effect, a cunning strategy of the NGOs to break down the resistance of the public to the prospective creation of Eelam.

The written propaganda of these peaceniks is silent on the villainy of the LTTE. The numerous acts of terrorism, murder and pillage committed by the LTTE are not subjects for any comment, let alone any condemnation. Elimination of all opponents of LTTE by brute force is practiced to perfection. The essentially evil nature of the LTTE and its leader should be the core theme of the Peace brigade, the NGOs and the Church. What we have, instead, is the promotion of LTTE as a suitable organization to be given the control and power over people and territory. They are all apologists trying to manufacture consent for Eelam.

One NGO dug deep into published data to exhume the monetary cost of this anti terrorist conflict. They then made proclamations about the impossibility of the nation to bear such costs without economic chaos, and the very disintegration of democracy in the country. The objective of this exercise was to wean the public from supporting the struggle against terrorism. They carefully omitted to tell us the cost incurred by the LTTE and imposed on the nation by the LTTE. They knew of one item of enormous cost imposed on the nation by the LTTE, and this is the thousands of child soldiers sent to the frontline as sacrificial lambs to satiate the overweening-ambition of just one man—the Fascist dictator of prospective Eelam. This wily suppression of relevant factors pertaining to the LTTE is another tactic to manufacture consent for Eelam.

Recently the Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji reminded our moronic politicians and other dollar guzzling pro-LTTE NGOs that "Sri Lanka is a country with time-honoured history and brilliant culture" (Daily News , May 18). If we do- not defend this country against the evil centrifugal forces of LTTE, there will not be a Sri Lanka the next time the Chinese PM visits our country. "People define themselves in terms of ancestry, religion, language, history, values, customs and institutions" wrote Samuel P. Huntington ( The Clash of Civilization ). This has happened in Sri Lanka over the last two millennia, and that is worth defending at any cost.

The peace overtures made recently by the LTTE had been further enlarged and projected by the peace brigade as a lifeline thrown towards a drowning man. Those spokespersons for the LTTE did not tell us what their Master had been clandestinely doing in the meanwhile. It became evident at the battle for Pallai. Also via the Eelam Nation w§ebsite (8th May) he informed the world that "The goal of the liberation of Eelam Tamils would not be complete until the Sri Lankan state recognizes their fundamental aspirations". Translated, this means that he would not stop short of his racist Eelam. Then what would happen to the Sinhalese and Muslims in Eelam and the Tamils in the rest of the country bears comparison to the holocaust that took place when Pakistan and Bangladesh came into existence. Just last week LTTE cohorts attacked and killed Sinhala paddy farmers north of Polonnaruwa. What existence will they have in Eelam under LTTE? Further there is no guarantee that a new border war will not be engendered and a new water war will not ensue in the vivisected country. In short the total disintegration of the country is what he wants. The patrons of this evil genius in Colombo deliberately choose to ignore all these so that the Sinhala population could be hoodwinked into accepting their manufactured consent for Eelam.

Mr. Solheim (ES) is actually a busybody midwife who peddles about the world trying to sell our country for the Nobel Peace Prize. What he will help to give birth will be nothing short of a separatist Eelam for the simple reason that is what the LTTE Supremo wants. ES is not prepared to tell Velu that all troubles would end if he gives up his clamour for Eelam and surrenders his deadly armoury. ES is not prepared to tell Velu that he is an illegitimate brigand who has taken by force the charge of a territory and its people, it is time to let them go. What all the peace NGOs and ES should be doing is to put pressure on Velu and firmly point out, as did the US envoy recently, that the aspiration for Eelam is the expiration of the Tamil community, that there is no support whatever for it in Sri Lanka as well as internationally. Velu may ignore such advice, but some of his cadres might start thinking otherwise and set in motion the downfall of Velu himself within his deadly organization.

Finally, it is astonishing that the world community has to-date ignored the war crimes committed by Velupillai Pirapakaran. There is a better documented case against this man than against Millosevic. Therefore I urge this government and the interested NGOs to press the UN for a Tribunal to try Velu even in absentia. So long as Velu is at large, there will not be peace in this country.