Lankan teenager on murder charge in London

A nineteen year old Sri Lankan has been charged in the Old Bailey Court London with the murder of a fellow Sri Lankan described as a gangster.

The "Enfield Independent" published in London said last week that Ruben Thanavalisingham, of Moree Way, was charged with the murder of Manokumar Kumar, 31, after the latter bled to death when his right arm was virtually severed in an attack at his Edmonton home.

The prosecution allege that Thanavalisingham killed the victim after they fell out over the profits of a credit card swindle.

It was claimed that the pair were part of the notorious Tamil Tiger gang making huge sums of money from using stolen or cloned credit cards to buy goods at petrol stations run by fellow Sri Lankans.

However, QC Nigel Lambert, defending, argued that Kumar had many enemies. He claimed there were many people who ‘wanted to have him run down’.

Mr. Lambert said: "The Sri Lankan political agenda means that there is more to Mr. Kumar and his sidekicks than meets the eye.

"This was, we say, violent Tamil politics and lies, lies and more lies."

The court heard how a witness spotted Thanavalisingham leaving the murder scene.

It is alleged that he sneaked into Mr. Kumar’s home in North Road, through an open window to attack him with an axe.

He then allegedly dumped his bloodstained clothing at the home of Siluvai ‘Sukri’ Mano, 27, who let the accused stay at his East London home.

Mr. Lambert continued: "Ruben says he did not go to Kumar’s address to kill him.

"He did not leave covered in blood. But we do know there must have been a great deal of blood. He did not do that journey".

Thanavalisingham denies murdering Mr. Kumar between October 29 and November 1, 2000.

Mano, of Bridgewater Road, Alperton, denies acting to pervert the course of justice between October 29 and November 9 last year. The case continues.