Accept the good gesture of JVP

As reported in the media, if the JVP is volunteer to support to the PA government on certain conditions it is timely and appropriate. It is obvious that the country is facing a troublesome period and the UNP and minority groups are fishing in troubled waters. The JVP has well realized this situation and their gesture should be appreciated and endorsed.

It is up to the PA Government to react positively to this goodhearted and kind response. As a first step the government can cut down on the salaries of the minister and deputy ministers. Restrict the vehicles used by them specially used by their family members. For two years curtail foreign trips and curb spending on all openings, ceremonies and other functions and all such wastages. These steps should have been taken even before the JVP could pin-point them.

The JVP consists of educated, national minded and patriotic youth. This cannot be denied by anyone, but they are obsessed with some ideology, which cannot be practiced in reality. Whatever it is, this is the best opportunity to accept the call by the JVP, so the government will not have to repent later.
G. S. Hemaratne