Chandrika moots proposal at Central Committee meeting
SB suspended from SLFP Gen. Sec. post

by Zacki Jabbar

The SLFP Central Committee yesterday suspended its controversial General Secretary S.B. Dissanayake on disciplinary grounds ahead of the UNP sponsored no confidence motion against the government liklely to be taken up in parliament this week.

chandi.jpg (8883 bytes)Deputy Media Minister Alavi Moulana told "The Island" that the proposal by President Chandrika Kumaratunga to suspend Dissanayake was unanimously approved by the 40 member Central Committee.

"A disciplinary inquiry will be held shortly at which Dissanayake will be called on to explain his stance on several recent decisions taken by the Peoples Alliance".

Dissanayake has been replaced by Mahaweli Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Maithripala Sirisena who will function as the acting secretary.

Ironically it was Sirisena whom Dissanayake defeated in a bitterly fought contest for the General Secretary’s post with the blessings of President Kumaratunga.

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Dissanayake who was a close confidante of Kumaratunga has been at loggerheads with her over the last few months beginning with his call for the formation of a national government with the UNP.

Subsequently Dissanayake also opposed the July 11 prorogation of parliament which led to their differences being aired publicly with Kumaratunga accusing Dissanayake of being corrupt.

Following the signing of the PA-JVP memorandum of understanding Dissanayake along with Minister G.L.Peiris resigned their portfolios in protest and reverted to the backbenches of the government.