Some election thoughts

soma.gif (51643 bytes)by Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera
The PA government was dissolved recently. It clearly demonstrated the consequences of idiotic politics of the politicians in Sri Lanka who have no race or a religion. As you carefully take into consideration each and every factor, it is possible to understand how the two philosophies viz. the strength of karma and the dharma, followed the PA government in parliament.

We clearly understand how the politicians behaved during the last 25 years to acquire power and to retain power by using every kind of misdeeds. Nowadays we observe the atrocious misbehaviour of these politicians more strongly spreading.

SB who was treated as the giant of the PA government left it and joined the opposition. Another two giant ministers of the PA government, G. L. Peiris and Mahinda Wijesekera, too joined him. When the constitutional package which sought to break the country into pieces was brought to parliament, all these unpatriotic people supported the President by approving it. However, enjoying facilities and privileges of office even by betraying the country is an inherited weakness of our politicians.

Today they are accused of taking the country towards destruction. Instead of protecting the country, their endeavour was to protect the government. The government is compelled to point out their own weaknesses. It is the nature of the world to reap what one sows.

Now SB reminds the people of this country of his brave deeds when he was in government. Did he do so to make the people understand that there is no difference in his principles and practices? Isn’t what he reminded the people of this country all about looting the privileges of the people? Isn’t it robbing the people’s political freedom and freedom to live? Powerful examples of misbehaviour connected with politics are the brave activities of the Deputy Minister of Defence in Kandy.

The Buddha advised that one should not attempt to earn wealth or power through un-righteousness. It is quite clear that the PA government did not achieve its victories through righteousness. The manner in which the government is earning revenue and collecting money for elections is not reasonable. Accordingly, everybody should accept the fact that the PA government, which was dissolved recently, was not a democratic government. The fact that these three heroes joined the UNP was not the reason for the change of government which was supported by JVP.

The multi million rupee companies who had taken loans from banks when Mr. G. L. Peiris was functioning as Deputy Finance Minister have deliberately avoided paying back the loans. When the government was trying to bring the "big business scoundrels" to book, the rogues seem to have spent a portion of that money and defeated the government. If they can defeat the government by "buying ministers" then, when such leaders come into power the harm that may cause is unlimited.

The coalition between the JVP and the government that came into effect due to falling of the government after expelling Mr. Hakeem from the government too was debatable. The existing Alliance ministers did not accept the sudden intervention of the JVP as the ministers were deprived of the privileges they enjoyed.

The JVP proposed the series of policies to gain goodwill for their own party by making the government implement them. If these proposals were not implemented, the government would have still survived. Most of the PA members who joined the opposition were those who lost their privileges in the PA government.

Now the country is ready for an election. It seems that the government has completely entrusted their election campaign to the Deputy Minister of Defence. The heroic characters of the UNP election campaign will be SB, Mahinda Wijesekera, etc. There is no limit to the foolishness of our people. It is not possible to prevent the people falling into the snare of "allowances," this time too. If your politics is for the sake of the country and the people, please do not put the people into trouble. The world will be able to see that truth when this election is over and in the future as well.

Please let the people cast their votes as they wish. One should try to understand that this government could not survive as they acted against the wish of the people. The obstruction to a strong government is not the present system of elections. It is of course a righteous system. It is also a rational method. When the people of a country are deprived of free expression, then the government in office becomes weak.

Leaders, if your politics is for the wellbeing of the people and the country, please do not pester innocent people to gain victory. The victory gained through unrighteousness will definitely bring disaster. This philosophy of the dhamma is an eternal truth, which you cannot change. The world will be able to perceive this truth after this election and ever after.

Leaders, please create an environment for a free election. Then no election commission will be required. Then you will be well and happy, in this life and in other births. But I do not know about your attaining nirvana.

If these wicked political activities further continue, all of you will undoubtedly be destroyed along with the country and the various races inhabting it.