Kissinger, Nobel Committee, Kissinginian mutants, or how Norway became a sanctuary for terrorists

kissinger.gif (62174 bytes)Mahinda Weerasinghe
(Author of "Origin of the Species According to Buddha," can be accessed on the web)
With the publication of "The Trial of Henry Kissinger" by Christopher Hitchens, another violator of human rights is exposed; sorry, a human rights violator who is also a Nobel laureate. The work vividly portrays, how a super bureaucrat amasses power, cheats and manipulates his nation, and hoodwinks the world at large.

The author remarks, "His single greatest achievement has been to get almost everybody to call him ‘Doctor.’ In the 70s, we recall the indispensable Dr. Kissinger’s labours to achieve "peace with honour." Richard Nixon, surprisingly enough, "had only once, briefly and awkwardly, met Henry Kissinger in person," before he was awarded the top bureaucratic spot. His main qualification at that point in history for the job is that he leaked the Johnson administration’s negotiating position with the North Vietnamese to the prospective president. Nixon used the information strategically to sabotage the peace negotiations. For that deceitful and unethical act the good doctor was well rewarded.

Bureaucrats such as Kissinger are never called to account. The President of USA appointed him, hence he is answerable solely to the President. The book illustrates the agonising repercussions when an unconstrained power thirsty bureaucrat grabs power.

Most of us are under an illusion that politicians are the main culprits of the world. Yet in this information age the global citizen is becoming aware who really runs the ship of state. In democratic societies politicians are voted in, and if unsatisfactory, they’re booted out, but mandarins who run the state machinery carry on regardless.

Nixon was found guilty and was expelled, but Kissinger just melted away un-sketched to a life of splendour. Indictments are piling up against him presently. Mass killings of populations in Indochina, collusion to mass murder and assassinations etc. etc.

Surely isn’t the doctor a Nobel laureate? Is it possible that his crimes against humanity went undetected at the time? Fact is, terror and mass death was inflicted on the Cambodian populace is a well-documented secret. It is said that as a result of his directives as many as 350,000 civilians in Laos, and 600,000 in Cambodia lost their lives.

But then the Nobel Committee is wise - the reason why after Cambodia was bombed into the Stone Age, he was awarded the prize for "peace" and not the one for "war."

In fact a mixed bag of characters had received this "prestigious" prize over the years. Among them we find, those who were earlier called terrorist such as Yasser Arafat and Menachem Begin. At least one who was a head of the Apartheid state, De Klerk, proselytisers such as Mother Teresa who was keen to get all Hindus to embrace the "true God."

So how on earth did Dalai Lama end up in this category? It was given probably to teach China a bloody good lesson. Offering the prize to Mahatma Gandhi was never contemplated for obvious reasons. For at that point in history the Nobel committee totally agreed with Churchill, that he was just another "half naked Fakir."

The global society is confused, and will soon query, is the Nobel Peace Committee, really a Noble one, or the handmaiden of the foreign office bureaucrats of Norway (called UD hereafter).

In order respond to this, we have to make a most subtle connection.

We observe the well-known phenomenon such as in Kissinger’s case. No matter who ascends to power, he also inherits the same intricate manipulative self-serving bureaucracy. Politicians, who are striving to make the system work, trying to implement this or that plan and make themselves popular, ultimately encounter a blank wall, which we term "bureaucracy."

Surprisingly, we find a new mutation has occurred, among the bureaucratic species of Norway. UD bureaucrats has left the normal boundaries of conventional diplomacy and reached a new dimension of power and non-answerability. In order to grasp how this evolution came about we have to consider the special environment which exists in the country.

Norway has a dilemma. It has loads of money. This flows out of pipes in the sea in the form of oil. Now here’s the catch. According to Norwegian bureaucratic Pundits, this wealth must not be spent within the country because it will lead to hyperinflation. Infusion of too much money in to the hands of the ignorant masses will naturally make money as "valuable" as paper.

Norwegian politicians promise they will repair schools, help the old and the disabled, cut down the long hospital queues for the long suffering Norwegians, and even cut down taxes. But once in power, they water down their agendas. The result is schools are in disrepair, old and the disabled are neglected, pensioners are hardly able to make ends meet, hospital queues keeps growing.

Vis-a-vis hospital queues, there are exceptions to the rule. Such as Anton Balasingham, spokesman of the racist terrorist group, fighting to create a ghetto state called Eelam in Sri Lanka. A non-Norwegian, he was allowed to skip the 3-year hospital queue courtesy of UD.

What is to be done with this oil wealth was the quandary. Then a wise old bureaucrat in the UD got a ‘brainwave. His idea was simple, daring, creative and most of all, profitable. Why not use these riches externally, hence without any impact on the Norwegian economy. I am sure you can guess by whom!

Here we see the initial crawling of the peace industry. Norwegian people are blissfully ignorant how, millions are used for shuttle diplomacy to wine and dine and do other things necessary for themselves, and their terrorist friends in the name of "peace promotion."

The genius of the plan lies in its non-answerability. No public to peep into its budgets, no need to seek approval from the masses for the expenditures. No need to seek a consensus from the people to speak to terrorist and murderers. The rules of the game are set as they go along. Happily, they also pick and choose where to bring peace and harmony; such as corrupt and broken down Sri Lanka. As this is "sensitive work," all information is strictly confidential.

UD’s peace promotion activities in time have gone global. Thus this new species of bureaucrats came to hobnob with terrorist, ultra racist suicide bombers and have their rendezvous in thick jungle hideouts of murderers of prime ministers and presidents.

There is an added momentum firing the growth of the peace industry. Earlier the white man went in search of conquest, colonisation and subjugation of backward nations for booty and plunder. Presently the colonies are hard to come by. It is hard to do that old trick of divide and rule, so the next best thing is to finance destabilisation. That is where the peace industry, human rights, NGOs and other scrounging groups get in on the bandwagon.

Naturally during the colonial days there were no human rights. Come to think of it, no rights at all, when they were plundering these defenceless primitive hordes. Now we have such self-proclaimed European experts going round the globe to inspect and instruct these backward nations how to live in peace and harmony with their minorities. Gone are the days of the European gas chambers and pogroms of minorities.

Quite early, UD put its millions where its mouth is. To name a few of the countries the do gooders are trying to broker a peace - Haiti, Colombia, Sudan, Guatemala and obviously the Middle East where the famous Oslo process was set in motion.

UD’s boast of their non-colonial and un-imperialistic past. Not un-like Kissinger, their mentor, their working for arms control and detente, giving humanitarian aid and mediation. Emphasise is on being a "soft power" which has given them a formidable reputation. But disregard the adjective ‘soft’ and the real covert dreams of the UD becomes evident. In fact they do have an arms industry and whether terrorist get some of these arms after passing through second and third hands, history is sure to tell.

The untold truth is that the UD bureaucracy stands alone today in getting to eat their pie and to keep it. They are not answerable to any mother’s son for their actions. Certainly not to the Norwegian people.

Presently they are the uncontested global arbiters of conflict. As the headlines of the Observer (Sri Lanka) reported once quoting Norwegian deputy foreign minister, "we have experience in solving the world’s conflicts."

What it essentially boils down to is, God has differentiated the nations at the moment of creation. There are the conflict solvers and the conflict creators, inspectors and monitors of the world and those need to be inspected and monitored. Indeed the good and the childish, or as the Jews would have it, the chosen people and the rest of the jokers.

Let me break this down a little a bit further. Questions dealing with foreigners are split into two major bureaucracies. The normal functions of the UD is basically same as in any other country dealing with foreign affairs, and the UDI (foreigners office), the one controlling the life and destiny of any foreigner who wishes to enter Norway or reside in it.

Split of the assignments is strategic. While one is involved with being a "soft power," the other one is exploiting all its bureaucratic might to make a red tape jungle for the third world foreigners.

In the late 80s the Sri Lankan people showed their dissatisfaction of Norway for meddling in its affairs. By late 90s it has gone to the extent of burning the Norwegian flag and holding demonstrations outside the embassy in Colombo. Sri Lankans are unaware of the fact that Norwegian people are quite ignorant of Sri Lankan affairs and care less.

Information concerning Sri Lanka is totally twisted by the terrorist supporting vested interest of Norway. Yet the Tamil terrorist-supporting alliance is negligible. The UD, elements in the UDI bureaucracy, a handful of politicians and the peace industry lobby (NGOs), the last again is also an affiliate of the UD.

The LTTE terrorist penetrated the country using travel papers issued under the auspices of UDI starting the 80s. It is in the Embassy in Colombo that the two institutions, UD and UDI, merge. The media has reported abuses, especially of the UDI. It’s last head resigned recently, after the findings of incompetence by a commission. But the real misappropriations were not spelled out to the public.

Norwegians still have not grasped how bureaucrats of these agencies operate. Sacking one of them is like removing a bucket of water from the sea. Criticising them is like pouring water on a duck’s back - with zero effect.

If we seam together the above subtle ingredients, a distinct covert pattern appears. It hints at how bureaucrats helped LTTE terrorist make Norway its sanctuary.

Somehow I need to differentiate the vintage Kissinger from these new Kissinginian mutants, as there is a world of a difference in approach and rhetoric. Kissinger wished to be addressed as doctor, this species wish to be addressed as experts. He worked for "the balance of power," (crush those without it); these are working for human rights and minority rights, translated to the Sri Lankan experience, to create ethnically pure minorities with their ethnically clean racist ghetto states.

Henry used raw military might on the unwilling Indo-Chinese people, whereas the power base of these mutants is money, aid money, the NGOs its army, and subtle manipulation its potency. Doctor only spoke with the high and mighty whereas these facilitators speak to the low and down trodden such as terrorist. He dined in fancy restaurants. These mandarins work low key and make their rendezvous in the jungle hideouts covertly.

In fact, their media reporting style indicate why things have gone the way they did. When the terrorist Tigers attacked the civilian planes in Sri Lanka in July, according to the NRK (state run TV) it was termed a militant act. When a Basque terrorist left a bomb in the airport just a week later (but which did not kill or damage) it was declared a terrorist act.

According to Herald Tribune (September 24), "the most precise word to describe a person or a group, who murders even one innocent civilian to send a political message is terrorist and not a militant."

UD with such fancy footwork probably believe it is cheating the world at large, but will eventually find they have cheated themselves.

Indeed it is profitable to keep conflicts on the boil. Conflicts are the bread and butter of the NGOs (and UD), and business is presently booming. No conflicts, no business, no cosy jobs, no playing kingmakers. No playing the neo-colonial peace facilitators, no sway over the terrorised nations, indeed no badgering third-rate corrupt beggar nations such as Sri Lanka.

Surely peace must have dawned at some place or other through such mediation? Not to Israelis or Palestinians who are at each other’s throat like never before. Or observe how, the racist terrorists (militant to UD) bombed civilian planes in Colombo with impunity and we recognise the state of this "peace."

Indeed peace may have not been achieved but suicide bombing has become fashionable. LTTE terrorist have even exported suicide bombing known how to Oasma bin Laden, according Times of India of 24 September.

Then came the 11 September Islamic terrorist attack on US. Observe the strange situation. UD adores one type of terrorist and hates another. USA is presently reaping the whirlwind sown through its financing of Islamic terrorists. History may well repeat this for Norway too for its covert buttressing of racist terrorist of Sri Lanka.

As "nettavisen," a Norwegian web newspaper says in its Sept. 13 issue, and I quote "Norway is a Mecca for Terrorists." And as the chief of POT (translated as Police Surveillance Service) informs, he has worked a long time to get laws in place to forbid financing of terror from Norway. What he should have been doing instead is identifying the corrupt bureaucrats who helped make Norway a safe haven for terrorist.

Truth like oil in water has a habit of surfacing. Kissinger’s accountability is at hand. Terror courting bureaucratic agents who never sought its people’s approval will also be called to answer - eventually.

I believe as far as the Sri Lankans are concerned, they are of the same view as the Americans. They do not wish to negotiate with terrorist, but only wish to eradicate them. And, don’t be surprised if the terror price, oops I mean the "peace" prize is issued to one ambassador’s terrorist friend in the Sri Lankan bush.