‘We won’t fight for preference votes’ says Richard Pathirana

From Neminda Samarajeewa in Galle
Minister Richard Pathirana, leading the PA Galle District list, said yesterday that his team will not battle each other for preference votes but work towards delivering a substantial victory for the PA.

"We will try to do better than last time," he said.

Pathirana said that the defection of Mayor Lionel Premasiri to the UNP will not be a problem for the PA.

Minister Amarasiri Dodangoda,whose name appeared second on the PA list, also said that they will not concentrate on preference votes. He expected the President to form a progressive leftist government on January 1, "perhaps with the support of the JVP."

Dodangoda said that the PA will seek JVP assistance if they cannot form a strong government of their own.

The Galle District election has attracted 260 candidates including seven women and two Buddhist monks. One, Ven. Baddegama Samitha, is on the PA list while the other is fielded by an independent group. Ven. Samitha was a provincial councillor.

The nominations of the Jathika Sanvardhana Peramuna was rejected by the returning officer as that party’s general secretary had not attested the papers.