UNL complains to IGP

Upali Newspapers Ltd., (UNL) has complained to the IGP about the criminal trespass and intimidation at the premises of the Upali Group of Companies by former parliamentarian Mervyn Silva accompanied by seven unruly persons.

In a letter to the police chief, UNL’s Chief Executive Officer has sought ‘immediate deterrent action against those who were responsible for this incident,’ and called for necessary steps to be taken to ensure that there is no repetition of any such occurrence in the future.

UNL has also requested armed police protection at its Bloemendhal road office premises as a precautionary measure.

‘Mr. Mervyn Silva made threatening inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Janitha Seneviratne, a journalist who Mr. Silva alleged had written an article to which Mr. Silva took exception. He (Mr. Silva) used the most foul and vituperative language, caused panic among members of the staff and eventually had to be restrained by our editor Mr. Upali Tennakoon’, the CEO says in his letter.

The letter further said that the most disturbing aspect of this incident is that it constitutes a calculated and deplorable attempt to interfere with the freedom of the Press and to intimidate journalists in the exercise of their professional functions.

Meanwhile, a senior police official based at police headquarters said legal action has already been filed by the police against Mervyn Silva and the case is pending.

He said the other matters raised were being gone into by the police department.