Canada’s Leader of Opposition is attacked as ‘Neo Fascist’ by LTTE

By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles
Velupillai Thangavelu, the handpicked leader of the Canadian Tamil Tigers by the LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, has made a scathing attack on Canada’s Leader of Opposition describing him as a neo-fascist.

Stockwell Day, the Leader of Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition and the shadow Prime Minister of Canada, who has been widely acclaimed as one of Canada’s leading voices in advocating for democratic reform and long term economic opportunity for all Canadians, was attacked as a neo-fascist in the LTTE’s daily electronic bulletin, the Circle Digest.

Writing a prolonged article in the LTTE propaganda electronic sheet, the Canadian Tiger leader, handpicked to steer the terrorist group out of crisis, in the aftermath of a powerful anti-terrorist bill with overwhelming powers to crush groups like his, referring to Stockwell Day’s utterances recently in the Canadian parliament said, that Tamil Canadians don’t expect anything better from Mr. Day or his neo-fascist outfit, the Canadian Alliance. Canadian Alliance is the main opposition political party of the country’s parliament.

Thangavelu‘s severe criticism of the Canadian leader came, following another scathing attack by him on US and UK leaders for their military assaults on Osama bin Laden published in the same bulletin few days earlier. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam also known as Tamil Tigers is widely accepted as a Fascist outfit, which tolerates no room for any internal democracy or the existence of any opposition to its policies outside the party among fellow Tamils. All such leaders, both internal and external, have been systematically eliminated, analysts say. In the forthcoming general elections in Sri Lanka, critics point out Tamil Tigers have bullied and cajoled many Tamil political parties into forming a pro-Tiger Alliance under death threats.

Thangavelu said, the Canadian Alliance party would remain permanently a party of the opposition as long as it was wedded to an ultra-conservative, anti-immigrant and neo-fascist agenda. "Mr. Day’s boast," said Thangavelu, "that today there are more MP’s of non-European descent in the Canadian Alliance than in any other party and they proudly stand for all Canadians is empty rhetoric." He charged that Day could not say his party had any following at all among Tamil Canadians.

Thangavelu charged that the Leader of Opposition of the Canadian Parliament has been conducting what he called "an unholy crusade" cynically "exploiting" the New Year dinner hosted by the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) where Ministers Paul Martin and Maria Minna participated.

The FACT has been recognized as a front organization of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam by the US State Department and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

He charged Stockwell Day, "Unashamedly used the event as a facade to launch a vitriolic tirade against the FACT calling them terrorists."

Referring to Canada’s recently passed anti-terrorism bill Thangavelu said, "This is an ominous sign of what the future holds for all Canadians".

Thangavelu said, "the current anti-terrorism bill hastily tabled in parliament in the aftermath of the September 11 attack on the WTC has once again provided Mr. Day the opportunity he was waiting to resume his crusade with added ferocity and vengeance. He has singled out FACT as a dangerous group, which has been identified by the CSIS as a terrorist front organization of the LTTE.

He said speaking on the anti-terrorism bill, in the parliament, Day made a preposterous statement: To quote, "What the government apparently did not want to acknowledge is that the Tamil Canadians are among the victims of the Tamil Tigers! They have tricked, cajoled and bullied into supporting terrorist activities through supporting front groups."

Thangavelu called this charge of the Canadian Leader of Opposition ridiculous and praised to the heavens the Liberal Party MP Jim Karygiannis (Scarborough-Agincourt), who allegedly raised a Tiger Flag depicting a leaping tiger, which they call the Eelam Flag.