PA which has foreseen defeat, is no more than a deflated tyre — Tilvin

by Saman Indrajith
"Today the PA which has foreseen its inevitable defeat, is no more than a deflated tyre. The JVP’s only challenge is the UNP and its unholy alliance, and we are ready to face the challenge," said General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silvaon Friday.

Addressing grass-root leaders and organisers at JVP’s special convention held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday, Silva requested his comrades to do their utmost to overcome the challenge against "corrupt, plundering kappam political parties."

"If it can be done, we would do it; even if it cannot be done, we’ll do it any how," he said.

The JVP leadership forwarded their campaign manifesto, a "Short Term Plan to Save the Nation" which is "in spirit of the JVP’s Five Year Plan to Save the Nation, to its village level cadre, and asked them to go from home to home and campaign for JVP’s win at the forthcoming general election.

"This is not an ordinary general election, it will decide the nation’s future. On one hand there is the unholy alliance comprising elephants, tigers, foxes and pigs. On the other hand there is the JVP which is the only party with solutions to burning problems of the country created by the governments of the last 53 years. Both capitalist parties have shown what harm these can do, during last 53 years. We the JVP are proud that during the short period of 34 days of the Probation Government, that the masses of this country could not be exploited," he said.

Former MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake reading out a special message sent by his party leader Somawansa Amarasingha for the Special Convention said that time had come for the masses of this country to defeat the capitalist and exploitative imperialistic forces. "The unholy alliance formed by the UNP is a collection of all evils on earth. The UNP has nothing good to say about their 17 year regime. Only in the last month of the probation government Chandrika Kumaratunga’s side did something for the people of this country."

Explaining the JVP’s election manifesto, the message from the party leader said: "First, we must defeat the existing threat to the territorial integrity and national integration; second, the threat levelled at independence must be defeated; third, we must terminate the moral and cultural erosion started 24 years ago; fourth, the environmental ruination which has lead to droughts and floods must be stopped."

Wimal Weerawansa, Propaganda Secretary of the JVP said that the Prime Minister’s request to their voters to consider the UNP as the best alternative if they cannot vote for the PA, indicates PA’s admittance of their downfall. "We could get the PA to do what they promised to people when they came to power seven years ago. We could get them to lead the country in the right direction. We got the Parliament reopened and limit the PA swindlers list. When we wanted to get the pirates in the business community who had got billions of rupees in loans, to the ruination of state banks, they joined the UNP and engineered the dissolution of Parliament," he said.

LTTE "Ellalan Brigade instructed Tamil parties on the 15th to form an alliance which would be able to bargain with the UNP to achieve their ultimate aim of separation. By 20th ACTC, TELO and the TULF had formed this alliance and the UNP has signed a secret MoU with the TULF, which says that the ban on the LTTE will be lifted. We challenge the UNP leadership to reveal their MoU to the people. We will not allow the UNP dream to become a reality," he pledged.

Nanadana Gunatilleke said that the PA would try their level best to stay in power by hook or by crook. "They’ll try all means to win the election as they did at the Wayamba Provincial Council. Plus the UNP will unleash all their cronies against us. The JVP will not give up liberating the masses of this country," he said.

JVP Polit-Bureau member Chandrasena Wijesinghe also addressed the convention.