Two killed, 17 injured in suicide bomb explosion at Narahenpita

by Norman Palihawadana and Kalinga Weerakkody

A suicide bomber blew himself at Narahenpita yesterday killing two and injuring 17 persons, including school children. IGP Lucky Kodituwakku said that the bomb would have been intended for Prime Minster Ratnasiri Wickramanayake who had been in the vicinity to open a government office. He said that the suicide bomber unable to get to the area where the PM was (Kirula Road), would have headed towards Chitra Lane. "He would not have been able to get through the very tight security, and would have found himself cornered," he said.

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The suicide bomber had triggered his jacket at around 2: 30 pm upon seeing members of the police elite Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) led by the Prime Minister’s security heading in his direction. The Prime Minster was scheduled open an AGA office at Kirula Road at 2:30 pm, and had been there at the time of the blast.

The suicide cadre had first been spotted by the Police Intelligence Unit heading in the direction of Chitra Lane. Information had been given to the Police Emergency Unit that a suspicious person in baggy garments carrying a bag and RDF had been alerted in turn. But the suicide cadre had blown himself up on seeing the RDF approaching led by the PM’s security, killing one member, a Police Sergeant of Group 03. A civilian too was killed in the blast.