Results of Suntel’s Internet ad blitz better than expected

Suntel which recently launched a self help Internet guide, "Get Intimate with the Internet," says the results of its advertising blitz publicising its Internet service were excellent.

Hugo Cederschiold, Suntel’s Managing Director, told a press conference introducing the easy- to-use guide said "the results are even better than we hoped for. When the market gets going Suntel must be there".

He said that it was estimated that there were 40,000 to 70,000 personal computer users in the country today with the figure likely to be closer to the 70,000 mark. After the wOw launch five months ago, Suntel has made a definite impact on the Sri Lanka market with 390,000 hits per month.

"Our market share is growing very fast with 1,500 users up to now," Cederschiold said.

He said that within five months, Suntel wOw had achieved a lot. In just three months, they had a customer base of 500 starting with Sanath Jayasuriya and it has grown even faster since then.

Cederschiold explained that both beginners and experts can use this extremely handy Internet guide. "It answers all those questions you never knew whom to ask. It gives you a listing of popular web sites, has key tips on surfing the Internet as well as references on shopping, music, sport, fashion, techno and chat sites and local hook-ups."

Explaining that global telephony was moving from voice to data, he said that data was still in the minor position of traffic in Sri Lanka. "But it will grow," he confidently said.

Technology was moving from telecom to infocom — that is the trend. From phones, the movement was towards data transmission and entertainment and Internet was an extremely important vehicle in that movement.

"Internet is growing in Sri Lanka, maybe not at the pace as in some other countries. Suntel will help Internet to grow," Cederschiold said.

He said that their Internet Guide was made entirely for the Sri Lanka market. It was necessary for service providers to educate the Internet user community in order to grow the overall market.

Explaining the thinking behind "Get Intimate with the Internet," he said "Today, the Internet has taken over the modern world. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, the scope and possibilities of the Internet have not yet been fully discovered. This book aims to be an aid to the beginner, by providing all the initial information that is required to get started. For the expert too, we have popular sites listed out. This book is therefore a guide to all Internet buffs and it is hoped that they receive it so."

"Suntel sought to add value to the services that it already offers — that of the Internet and e-mail link-up, a Suntel portal that gives you the business and social aspects of Sri Lanka. By creating this book, Suntel seeks to influence people to use the Internet productively, efficiently and effectively. ‘Get intimate with the Internet’ took the Suntel wOw & Suntel team over two months to prepare and a lot of toil, but the end result is great," a company news release said.

The first copy of "Get intimate with the Internet" was handed over to Wildfire, the popular rock band, at a Colombo press conference recently. Suntel wOw is the official Internet Service Provider for Wildfire.

As a public service, Cederschiold is offering the book free to all educational institutions, schools, colleges etc. who can write to the Suntel head office at 110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 2, for a free copy of the book. The first 250 requests will be serviced free, he said.

Suntel Limited, Sri Lanka’s largest private telecommunications provider, launched its Internet service Suntel wOw on May 23, 2001, promising its customers innovative Internet solutions and service provisioning which are benchmarked against the best international standards.

"Suntel wOw has introduced a new meaning to connectivity, browsing and downloading on the Internet, and this book is a very important step in this direction," the company said.

"Suntel wOw offers dial-up Internet access, ISDN Internet dedicated leased lines, global e-mail access and a host of other supplementary services such as a 24 hour customer-care hot-line and a support page on-line, which answers customer queries. A self-installation Suntel wOw CD guides customers through the installation process," the news release said.