E. F. C. Pereira was a Royalist and Thomian

D. L. Seneviratne
Evelyn Felix C. Pereira (EFC) 1912 — 1989, had an association with Royal College and St. Thoma’s College Mt. Lavinia as a student and teacher during the period 1922 to 1987. (i.e), 65 years barring 3 years at the University. Educated at Royal during 1922-30 his first Form Master was R. C. Edwards. Other well-known Royalists of that era were Dudley K. G. de Silva who was later to be his principal when he was on the staff, B. R. Heyn, H. S. Roberts, Cyril Mathew, D. B. Gunasekera (Jnr) and R. G. Senanayake. On leaving Royal Mr. Pereira entered the University College, Colombo and obtained his B. A. (English Hon).

In 1933, Mr. Pereira joined the staff of S. Thomas’ College. As Classics Master he served the college for 15 years. He was in charge of the STC Magazine from 1940 to 1948. He also guided the Tennis Club. His period as master-in-charge of the magazine was most difficult as there was hardly any newsprint due to rationing during World War II. The Thomian Magazine of the 3rd term 1948 paid a tribute to Mr. Pereira to quote "He left after 15 years with a splendid record of loyal service to the school, for many years as Hony Secretary and Treasurer of the magazine — he was responsible for 19 issues in 9 years. During the war years he served at Kandy and Gurutalawa. He was House Master of "Wood". He had a high sense of duty and quiet efficiency and sympathetic understanding of schoolboy nature. He will be greatly missed by the staff and boys alike. At the end of the term a presentation was made to him. He left to serve his old school Royal.

He was on the staff of Royal College during 1949-1972 where he was loved and respected. He taught Western Classics and English and was the form master of the upper sixth. During his tenure he was Vice President of the Royal College Tennis Club and played a major role in conducting of the inter-schools boys tennis tournaments in the 50s and 60s.

At Royal, he was House Master of "Hartley" Vice-President Senior Literary Association, Historical Association, Student Christian Movement & Film Circle, Member of Management Committee Royal College Magazine, Master-in-charge of Senior Debating team and Careers Master. He retired in 1972 at the age of 60 after a successful term at Royal.

In 1973 he joined the staff of S. Thomas’ again and was Senior Vice President of the English Literary and Debating Society. He served the school till 1987. Mr. Pereira as a student and teacher was totally devoted to Royal and S. Thomas. His association of at least 30 years with each school will be unmatched and remain unique.

It is fairest to share him equally and the Challenge Cup named after him for the Royal-Thomian Tennis Encounter is a fitting tribute to him. Old Royalist D. L. Seneviratne is presenting the cup in his memory.

The inaugural Royal-Thomian Tennis encounter was held at the Queen’s Club Courts in Colombo 3 on November 10.