Priya is no more

by Hafiz Marikar in Kandy
Priya Munasinghe, a former motor racing champion passed away on Thursday morning.

Priya Munasinghe who hailed from Negombo, was a product of Ananda College.

After leaving school he took up motor racing.

Munashinghe, who was well-known motor racer who did a lot for the sport as a participant and official.

He won several events at home and abroad, from the early 60s to 90s.

Munasinghe dominated the racing field. He was known to have exhibited the daredevilry in him whereever he raced.

He started his racing in a Volkswagen and ended in a Mini.

Munasinghe won events in India and Malaysia.

He was the livewire of the Up-Country Motor Sports Club. He was the president of this club for several years, and also served on the committees of several other motor sports clubs.

His demise is a great loss to motor sports. Priya is no more but his memory will remain forever in the minds of all those who knew his sporting qualities. Priya will be not forgotten by motor racing lovers.

His funeral took place yesterday.