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"Ambu Daruwo" on Rupavahini

‘Ambu Daruwo’ directed and scripted by award winning director Sudath Rohana will be telecast from Monday December 3 on Rupavahini.

‘Ambu Daruwo’ is based on the popular novel by Jayasena Jayakody. The story reflects 50 years of Sri Lankan life in an era when the country was being overtaken by modern conveyances like the bicycles and the automobiles. The transformation of rural life of Sri Lanka Society had its impact on the social fabric of Sri Lanka.

His message that the bonds of marriage are stronger and more enduring than fillial ties are portrayed strongly in his story.

"Ambu Daruwo" is the second major presentation to the viewers by Swadeshi Industrial Works Limited the pioneer herbal-based personal care products company, which manufactures popular brands such as Rani Sandalwood, Khomba, Apsara Venivel, Khomba Baby, Perlwite and Sportsman Plus, the only herbal carbolic soap.

"This message, that the relationship between a husband and a wife is stronger than that between a parent and a child will provide food for thought to many viewers," Rohana points out. "It is interesting that a story that begins in the early part of the last century should have such a suggestive message for contemporary society."

The Chairperson of Swadeshi Industries Mrs. Amari Wijewardene said the company had undertaken to sponsor the teledrama because of the commanality between the core values it seeks to impart and the values that underpin its own business.

She added: "Ambudaruwo is a Sinhala classic. It is our commitment to our heritage that first attracted us to this sponsorship. The exploration of the social mores, the deep concern about family values, the discussion of relationships of man and woman, husband and wife, parent and child are all key values we hope that modern day society constantly explores. Today marriage is becoming less and less important. Family units are eroding, the essence of history and the past are forgotten.

Ambu Daruwo, which was shot over 102 days on locations in Sandalankawa, Nikaweratiya, Galle and Panagoda, stars Malini Fonseka, Champa Sriyani, Indrajith Nawinna, P. R. Perera, Palitha Silva, Damitha Abeyratne, Damayanthi Fonseka, Sathischandra Edirisinghe, Kanchana Mendis, Roshan Pilapitiya, Milinda Perera, Lakshman Mendis, Menike Attanayake, Manori Fonseka, Malkumari Geetharani and several other leading actors.

One novel feature of this teledrama is that the same actors play the role of the young as well as the old. This is a

challenge to the actors as well as to the make-up artistes, since some of the characters had to over 50 years of age as the story progress, Director Sudath Rohana said.

The 37-episode teledrama will be telecast over Rupavahini at 8.30 p.m. every Monday, commencing December 3.