Amrith wins two major junior golf championships in India

Fourteen-year-old Amrith de Soysa performed brilliantly at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Calcutta last week, proving he’s tough. He faced almost 100 junior participants from all over India.

Amrith won the Category ‘B’ (Under 15) in the East India Junior Golf Championships held from December 26-29, where the top 15 seeded junior players in India also took part. He was also placed 4th in the overall category (Under 18).

Amrith won this event by brilliant strokes.

On the 4th of January, he also won the All India Junior Golf Championship, which is the biggest Annual Junior event in India. He won the Category ‘B’ (Under 15) by just one stroke and finished 8th overall (Under 18).

Amrith defeated the Indian Under 15 top seed (Aditya Singh) in the junior category, in both events.

Amrith, who is a student at Colombo International School, says that he could not have got this far without the support and encouragement he has from his parents and his coach Pherose Billymoria. "He’s a great coach and he’s always been there for me," says Amrith.