Dengue in Embilipitiya

by Sandasen Marasinghe

Embilipitiya area is under the threat of dengue. Nine patients suffering from dengue have been reported from that area during the last two months.

The District Medical Officer of the Embilipitiya General Hospital, A. H. Liyanage, said that two of the staff, a doctor and a nurse: husband and wife of the Embilipitiya Hospital were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Ratnapura General Hospital.

"Seven dengue patients were transferred to Ratnapura General Hospital after the diagnosis. We have decided to educate the people in the area to prevent the spreading of dengue," he added.

Success of peace process depends on ability to get firm commitment from LTTE

National Joint Committee said that success of the peace process depends entirely on the ability to extract a firm commitment from the LTTE to abandon their ludicrous demand for a separate State and to lay down their arms before the parties sit down for talks. If the Government and Norway fail to extract a firm commitment from the LTTE, the proposed talks would never succeed.

The overwhelming majority of the people will never agree to jettison the concept of the unitary state or to partition the country on an ethnic basis, the National Joint Committees said while pointing out that. No self-respecting government could allow a group of terrorists to browbeat it by displaying the might of illegally held arms.

There is absolutely no reason for the Government to bend over backwards to appease the LTTE at the expense of the country’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity. Although the Government has reciprocated to the unilateral cease bire of the LTTE and gone to the extent of accommodating several of their demands such as the free flow of men and materials to the North, the LTTE has not indicated its genuineness in any tangible way. The National Joint Committee therefore urges the Government to insist on the two condition referred to above before the commencement of talks.