Internet fridge now on display

fridge.jpg (9786 bytes)LG Electronics of Korea has developed what it has described as "yet another ingenious digital wonder" — the Internet refrigerator, their local agents Abans said in a news release.

Abans said that they hoped to launch the new refrigerator here as soon as LG Electronics released it to their global market. A demonstration model is already on display at Abans main Kollupitiya showroom.

The Internet refrigerator is equipped with a built-in LCD display and video phone facility enabling the user to navigate the Internet for web search, e-mail, Internet shopping and act as a pathway for inter-family communication.

LG’s new digital refrigerator is equipped with a kitchen diary feature which stores your daily schedule, anniversaries, birthdays etc., a kitchen entertainment centre that enables you to watch TV, play music MP3, and take photographs with a built-in video camera. An information centre that provides comprehensive information about the refrigerator itself, the condition of stored food, and even nutrition and preparation information.

"Just imagine that you are in your kitchen and are stuck for a recipe. All you have to do is surf the Internet to a preprogrammed web site and you will have access to millions of recipes from all over the world. Or if you suddenly remember that it’s your best friend’s birthday, you will find e-mail facility just a finger tip away," the release said.

The new Digital Internet Refrigerator also has electronic controls with multi sensors, water and ice dispenser with built-in water filter, inverter control with power-saving and low noise features, CFC-Free and HCFC-Free, with elegant stainless steel handles, VCM finish and round doors.