‘Our Heritage’ depicted on the weave


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by Zanita Careem
‘Our Heritage’, a journey through time was held recently at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium original by JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

It was a glittering and dramatic presentation of models on the ramp. This unique fashion show depicted through its designs, the splendour and glory of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country blessed mostly with natural resources, a national identity.

This spectacular parade of colour and costumes brought into life, Sri Lanka’s proud history, its culture, fauna and flora. It did showcase the talent and creativity of the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Arts and crafts were presented by Mrs. Munira Akberally.

She depicted the Perahera in a spectacular colour and costume, our rich art and craft heritage.

Sigiriya frescoes inspired Mrs. Dilini Lakshika using different style lines, cowls and stripes, to present paintings of historical Sigiriya.

Mrs. Rusla Arfath in her ensembles created an awareness of the past glory of the Dutch Fort.

Mrs. Nilani Dias Abeysinghe paid tribute to the jungle fowl in her line of clothing.

In K. D. David ensembles the forest influence were felt very strongly, His inspiration drawn from forests were breathtaking and gave the garments a new shape to life.

Mrs. Saumya Senaratne’s line of designs portrayed the sun which is believed to bring brightness to people’s lives. Red being her predominant colour brought vibrancy to the show. We are constrained by lack of space to miss commenting on some of the other contributions.

The talent and creativity of the students is worthy of mention especially the innovative designs on the ramp which were breathtaking and would have been admired by the fashion conscious.

JD Annual Design Awards 2002 were very well choreographed and certainly deserves a bouquet.

The models on the ramp displayed professionalism and special mention should be made of Ramzi Rahaman and his team. Kumar de Silva of "Adhas" was the main lifeline who kept the audience on rapt attention.

The choreographers Kurkal Rahul, Dev Shetty and Salim Sait deserve praise as well.

Special mention should be made of the Ceylon Tourist Board for encouraging a show of this nature Glitz, glamour and professionalism were the key words that easily summed up this award ceremony.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka took form on the 8th of August 2000, to be the first overseas branch with twelve centres all over India.

JD, as an enterprise was set up 13 years ago in India by Mr. Chandreakant Dalal President and Mr. R. C. Dalal, the Executive Director of the Company.

In Sri Lanka, the concept was launched by Ms. Roshani Leanage, the Managing Director of Ieen Creation (Pvt) Ltd, a franchise of JD Institute of Fashion Technology India.