Damages reduced in racial discrimination case

From Sujeeva Nivunhella — Our London Corr.
The award of up to Forty Thousand Sterling Pounds ( 40,000) in legal aid to a council volunteer worker Miss Natasha Sivanandan, 48, for a minor racial discrimination case has been criticised by a British judge.

Judge Goldstein while agreeing that Sri Lankan born Miss Sivanandan’s removal from a panel of volunteers constituted discrimination on the grounds of race, he opposed the award since it has not been in the public interest for the taxpayer to fund her.

After the case Miss Sivanandan was awarded Two Thousand Five Hundred Sterling Pounds ( 2,500) in damages.

This was the third such case that Miss Sivanandan has instigated grievance procedures which cost up to 127,500 of British Tax Payers money.

Miss Sivanandan accused a colleague for intimidation in 1987 while she was working as a race adviser in Brent Council in London. That was dealt internally. In 1992 she claimed of ‘racism and victimisation’ while working as a trainee producer at the BBC. She settled the case for a cash award of around 5,000 from the BBC. However another complaint made by her that a neighbour was racially abusing her was dismissed.