Fifty years at Trinity

A photograph of K.B L. Tenenekoon, one of those rare Trinitians who remained so for fifty years, will be unveiled at the Archives of Trinity College on Saturday, February 9, 2002.

Tennekoon joined Trinity as a student in 1908, and after completing his studies there he joined the tutorial staff of the college in 1913, remaining there till 1958.

From 1922 onwards he was directly or indirectly involved in the construction of almost every building in the school, and particularly so in the building of the Chapel.

The late K. B. L. Tennekoon also pioneered the founding of the Sinhala Literary Union in 1913 and was actively involved with the Social Service Union from its inception.

During the period of World War II, in the absence of Miss Anna Hoffman, Tennekoon took charge of the Boarding House catering, till her return.

In recognition of his long and illustrious services to Trinity, in 1953 he was awarded the General Lion. (CVW)