National Bhikkhu Front, JVP urge govt. to act against LTTE terror in the east

By Shamindra Ferdinando
Muslims and Tamils in Peraru, Kantale on Friday protested against what they called the LTTE’s campaign of abductions, robberies and extortion in the east.

A group of protesters later visited Kantale police station where they made representations to police authorities with regard to regular movement of LTTE cadres into the Peraru and neighbouring villages.

Police yesterday said that people of Peraru protested on Friday against LTTE harassment. "We have sent patrols to Peraru," police said while expressing the belief that they would not be able to control the situation unless the government and the Norwegians persuade the LTTE to halt their terror campaign.

JVP MP Ramalingham Chandrasekaran yesterday accused the LTTE of engaging in a indiscriminate campaign of abductions, robberies and extortion in the east. He blamed the government, the TULF led Tamil National Alliance and NGOs that preach human rights and peaceful resolution of the north-east crisis of turning a blind eye towards the ongoing LTTE actions.

Chandrasekeran said that the LTTE was taking advantage of the truce with the government to strengthen their position both militarily and financially.

Friday’s protest at Kantale followed a massive demonstration in Muttur also in the Trincomalee district. Over 1000 Muslim students joined about 500 elders to protest against the LTTE. They also urged the government and the LTTE to put an end to the LTTE terror campaign.

National Bhikkhu Front yesterday criticised the way the government has allowed the LTTE to take control of the north-east areas. In a statement issued by the front’s general secretary Ven. Kaluwalle Chandraloka Thera, they accused the government of failing to identify the threat posed by continuing with the ongoing Norwegian bid to bring the LTTE back to the negotiating table as the LTTE has no intention of honouring any of the promises they make. They have pointed out that the so-called MoU between the government and the LTTE would not prevent the LTTE from taking advantage of the situation to bolster its power and get both local and international ban on them lifted.

They have also urged the government to take immediate action to end the LTTE terror campaign in the east.