Master Memory Programme

The next workshop on developing a Master Memory will be held at the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation (SUNFO) on February 16 at SUNFO House, 160 Poorwarama Road Colombo 5.

The workshop will be conducted by Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe PhD who has developed a further technique to remember the entire Constitution and Penal Code of Sri Lanka. Previous participants had high praise for this timely and effective memory enhancing programme.

Madurasinghe said it was a pity that modern man needs a calculator to perform even single digit calculations when men of by gone eras committed large volumes of material to memory. He went on to explain how incredible the brain was tucked beneath the skull in each of our heads is a three pound, jelly like mound that looks like crinkled putty, but is actually a collection of between 10 billion and 100 billion neurons.

The participants will learn through numerous practical examples the capacity of their own minds and pick up several tools for building a master memory including the formula for a perpetual calendar and all holidays for year 2002. They will also be given reinforcement exercises for a further 14 day period which will also be followed up in three months by a short review programme.

Further details could be obtained by contacting 828761 a SUNFO spokesman said.