hSenid featured in international magazine

hSenid Software International, a leading HRM and payroll solution provider in Sri Lanka and a prominent ASP( application service provider) solutions provider to the international market, has been featured among a host of over 60 ASP solution providers from 13 different countries in the South East Asian region, as well as globally, by a prestigious research, analysis, and consulting organization — IDC (International Data Corporation Asia/Pacific), says a press release. Among other facts, IDC have confirmed a new trend in the IT industry by saying that ASPs (ASP solution providers) with niche strategies are thriving in Asia/Pacific, also.

IDC is said to be the foremost global market intelligence and advisery company helping clients gain insight into technology and ebusiness trends to develop sound business strategies. Using a combination of rigorous primary research, in-depth analysis, and client interaction, IDC forecasts worldwide markets and trends to deliver dependable service and client advice. More than 700 analysts in 43 countries provide global research with local content. IDC’s customers comprise of the world’s leading IT suppliers, IT organizations, ebusiness companies, and the financial community. IDC is a division of IDG, International Data Group, the world’s leading IT media, research and exposition company.

hSenid Software International, a company where "out-of-the-box" thinking is the order of the day, has been innovating and continuously improving its solutions using the latest technology since its inception. They identified a market niche in the ASP sector and in 2001 the company introduced a suite of ASP (WAP/mobile/SMS) products to enter to the wide and varying client requirements in the mobile market. The suite includes stock trading and market updates, SMS, time sheet management, reservation management, e-based HRM and payroll solutions.

Allocating their resources in the ASP field proves to be a wise investment, as David Yew, Programme Manager of IDC’s Asia/Pacific IT services research group says that "Éour most recent research (the research mentioned above) shows that the ASP model is inherently powerful and viable, in both tough and peak economic cycles". Yew also points out the benefits of ASP solutions for the clients, as being: (1) immediate access to applications with low capital investment in technology, (2) low-cost upgrades, (3) significant IT staff cost reduction, (4) speedy service, access, availability and performance guarantee, and (5) cash flow predictability.

"The company already services a considerable customer base, who are accessing the solutions both locally and in the international arena. The company envisages a booming clientele within the next quarter of 2002" says its CEO Dinesh Saparamadu. A similar boom is predicted by most of the ASPs between 2002 and 2004, as they capitalize on outsourcing opportunities that emerged as a result of the economic slowdown.

hSenid Software International incorporated in 1997 having its registered office in Sri Lanka and international branch offices in the USA and our core business objective is software development, specializing in Human Resource Management Payroll and Attendance software where our focus is on managing the most valuable assets of an organization, its ‘People’.

We have, over the years, advanced technologically from client server architecture based products to ASP (Application Service Provider) products and services, which are categorized into mBusiness and eBsuiness applications.

Our suit of products catering to the client server (Intra-net), Internet (ASP) and ‘m’ (Mobile) markets, have been designed and developed using state of the art proven technology, which have been quality certified (tried and tested) by employing a highly skilled, dedicated and experienced workforce of software engineers and designers.

Our Client server products include Human Resource Management (HRM2000) and Payroll (Payroll2000) software. The ASP and Mobile products include eHRM ( ePayroll (, (Time sheet management) and (Online Stock trading). hSenid is also capable and have experience of providing eCommerce business solutions.

hSenid Software International’s service cover software development, web development, consultancy (MIS/system process re-engineering) and offshore development (outsourcing).

"hSenid is committed to providing quality software solutions adapting to the latest technologies with continuous upgrades on our products and services," the release said in conclusion.