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Ranil handing over the MoU to Westborg

by Nalin de Silva
Norway, as the "Hindu" newspaper has observed, is at behest of USA. Previously the Norwegians had acted in a similar way with respect to the Palestine problem, with which the new leader of the opposition Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, who is involved with the Sri Lanka Palestine friendship association, must be very familiar. It is not a secret that not only that peace has been elusive, as ever in Palestine, but today Mr. Arafat is unable to move out of the west bank city of Ramallah and is virtually under house arrest.

It is very clear that unless the national forces act methodically we are heading towards a similar situation and I would not be surprised if a similar fate awaits Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga.Now that the LTTE has been de facto de proscribed and one should not be surprised even if the JVP is banned and its leaders are arrested as it is becoming the greatest challenge to the non national forces. I only hope that the JVP would not play into the hands of the non national forces.

Many people have claimed that after the last general elections we have a government of cohabitation between the UNF and the PA. Sri Lanka is neither USA nor France and what we are going through is a period of dual power between the national forces and the non national forces. It is an understatement to say that Ms. Kumaratunga and Mr. Wickremesinghe do not see eye to eye. They are on two different tracks that are not parallel and the latter has the backing of all the non national forces including the western countries and their colonialism that is five hundred years old, some Bishops, the NGOs financed the so-called civil (sival in Sinhala) society, Tamil racism and Tamil terrorism the ex, neo and retired Marxists, including Mr. Batty Weerakoon and the brigade, who are themselves cultural colonialists, and, of course, the UNP(F), the traditional party of the non national forces. Ms. Kumaratunga on the other hand appears to be a reluctant leader of the national forces and it is up to the national forces to make a Dona Katherina out of her. The dual power situation cannot last long and the national forces have to be very careful in their action against Tamil racism and Tamil terrorism.

There is a virtual press censorship and, in general, articles in Sinhala against the so-called peace talks are not published in the print media. The electronic media do not give equal time for spokespersons for the national forces, and Marxists who got arms from the "Dharmishta" JR Jayewardene government to kill the JVPers are given extra time to speak on behalf of so-called peace. As far as most of these Marxists, not that there are many of them, are concerned the governments should talk to the LTTE terrorists but should wipe out the JVP. What they do not want to understand is that the majority of the Sinhala Buddhists have voted for the JVP and the PA at the last general elections that were fought on the single issue of an "Ali Koti givisuma" and that this government has no mandate from the Sinhala Buddhists for so-called peace talks with the LTTE. When one considers the fact that those nationalists who did not believe in an "Ali Koti givisuma" and voted for the UNP(F) now realise that the MOU signed by Mr. Wickremesinghe and the murderer Prabhakaran is a result of another MOU between the UNP(F) and Norway and the TNA, the parliamentary wing of the LTTE, one has to come to the conclusion that at present an overwhelming majority of Sinhala Buddhists are against the so-called peace talks and the MOU.

The MOU signed by the government and the LTTE make them equal parties. The government of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka has been referred to as the GOSL as if to give the same number of letters that the LTTE has got. The words democratic socialist republic are not represented while of is given pride of place with a capital O, though of in the liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam has been dropped from the LTTE. Perhaps Westborg knows the significance of Of with respect to GOSL. The government and the LTTE are treated not only as equal parties but the MOU has recognised that there are areas controlled by the LTTE, and the terrorists have been equated with the Sri Lankan army. The words that have been used to describe the terrorist outfit is LTTE’s fighting formations.

Then it refers to military operations by both parties! It is said that the Sri Lankan armed forces shall continue to safeguard the territorial integrity and sovereignty without engaging in offensive operations against the LTTE! Are there any groups other than the LTTE that has taken up arms against the state to demand a separate state? The statement of intention that was issued by the government later to say that the armed forces shall have the right to intercept any illegal movement of arms into the country is contradictory to the MOU, and unilateral. At a press conference held subsequently it was "revealed" that, under the MOU, it was impossible to stop any illegal movement of arms into the country by the LTTE. The Navy will have to have members of the so-called monitoring commission when they intercept any such movement and the commission members have to be convinced that arms are being taken illegally to the country. Otherwise any action by the Navy could be interpreted as an offensive against the LTTE and the government (GOSL!) will get into trouble. ( Many people would not have noticed that at the press conference Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe said that there won’t be elections in the north and the east when a journalist asked whether the other Tamil parties would be allowed to canvas in the north and the east in the forthcoming local government elections. Dr. G. L. Peiris would tell us that it is the commissioner of elections who decides on postponement of elections but the commissioners, the ministers and the rest of us who live in this paradise of ours called Sri Lanka know that the commissioners have the power only to do what the ministers want them to do.)

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM -again four letters) is going to be the "authority" on drawing up lines with respect to so-called defense localities. If we accept the MOU (it’s good that the President has not signed this piece of paper called the MOU) these lines would become a burden on us and eventually form parts of the boundary of Eelam. The Tamil racists are prepared to drop Eelam through violence only for Eelam by political means and their intention has been stated in a document distributed in London long ago in the seventies, signed by the the racist TULF. The confederation that is being talked about is a de facto Eelam and Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe’s ideas on asymmetrical devolution of power are not in contradiction with a confederation, as we have said a few years ago. The MOU is one sided and it is asymmetrical in practice. There is provision for the LTTE terrorists and the army personnel to move into the areas "controlled" by the other "party" to attend funerals, weddings etc., of relations. Now how many army personnel have relations in the northern province after the ethnic cleansing by the LTTE, which the west has completely ignored. Then the MOU says the parties shall not move munitions etc., into the areas "controlled by the other party." Here again as the LTTE terrorists would be moving with arms and munitions in Colombo and other areas devoid of any barriers this clause would apply only to the armed forces, while the army except for those in the major camps, would not be moving into the "areas of the other party" with or without arms.

The LTTE has already gone beyond the so-called MOU. According to the MOU, first 50, then 100, and finally all the terrorists would be allowed to engage in political work in the northern and the eastern provinces "dominated by the GOSL". This amounts to de proscription of the LTTE. When the LTTE was banned it meant that the the so-called political wing of the LTTE was also banned. One cannot ban the whole without banning a part. Last Friday, the LTTE had organised a so-called cultural parade in Vavuniya, an area "dominated by the GOSL". This so-called cultural show was nothing but a political rally and Westborg or the monitoring mission was not there to restrict the number of terrorists to 50. The LTTE under the auspices of Westborg and Norway is already enjoying unrestricted political freedom. It is said that the LTTE is planning to have such "cultural shows" in Nuwaraeliya and in Colombo which are outside the northern and eastern provinces for the information of the Norwegians.

The LTTE will eventually have the northern and the eastern provinces for themselves, as the other Tamil groups would be disarmed by the government of Sri Lanka. The LTTE has already come to Vavuniya without firing a single bullet after the so-called MOU. Further the armed forces would be removed from state buidling confining them to a few main camps making them sitting ducks to the LTTE terrorists. "International law" is going to be applied when it comes to hostile acts against the civilian population. Cannot they be treated with the law of the land. After all the LTTE is only a terrorist group in Sri Lanka that has taken up arms against the state, the legally elected government and the Sinhala people, and their political opponents among the Tamils and not an external agency. What is the implication of applying the international law? The LTTE is the only terrorist group in Sri Lanka but the government has agreed that search operations and arrests would not be carried under the prevention of terrorist act with respect to the LTTE. The Criminal Procedure Code is hardly sufficient to deal with the LTTE which is not an ordinary bunch of criminals.

The MOU has not been shown to the President before it was signed by the murderer Prabhakaran. The MOU deals with the armed forces and certain restrictions are imposed with respect to the movements of the armed forces in the land as well as in the sea. Now these restrictions have been imposed without the consent of the President who is the commander in chief of the armed forces. Who is running the country now?

It is not difficult to fathom where we are heading with these MOU’s, talks on talks etc. There is an attempt by the so-called international community to break up the dual power situation between the national and non national forces by by-passing the President, the Parliament and the constitution. They want to make the President, the Parliament and the constitution ineffective and smash the national forces. Though the UNP(F) is in power and though they and their allies are in a majority according to the results of the December 2001 elections the so-called international community whose chief representative here is Westborg understands that the government has no mandate from the Sinhala Buddhists for "peace talks". Any amendment to the constitution that will take away the unitary status of the state needs not only a two third majority in the parliament but approval by the people at a referendum. The "international community" knows that they cannot achieve their objective through the parliament, the President and the constitution. They are determined to have a confederation that will eventually lead to an Eelam using some "provisions" in the so-called international law. It is a typical case of "naduth hamuduruwange baduth hamuduruwange" situation and the MOU is only the first step in that direction. We should not recognise this piece of paper called the MOU that Westborg has got Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe to sign. It is not part of the law of the country and would never become part of the law nor substitute for part of it.

The national forces should get together to defeat the non national forces that include the so called international community and in this connection we may have to look to directions other than the west. The western Christian civilisation should realise that they are not the only civilisation in the world and that our future is definitely not tied up with them. We have to get over our prejudices imposed by the western education that has been a burden on us over the last two centuries.

The western countries are still ruling us mainly through their knowledge systems especially in the so-called humanities and social sciences and Norway has given us an opportunity to examine our connections with the western Christian civilisation and to be independent at least in finding out who our enemies are. We should forget about this so-called September 11 phenomenon and that the terrorists all over the world are now under pressure. Prabhakaran, the murderer who wants to deprive the Sinhalese of their rightful place is not under pressure by anybody. As I have trepeatedly said only those terrorists who attack the western civilisation, would be destroyed. There are terrorist organisations like the LTTE that get the support of the western countries. The English educated Sinhala middle class refuse to believe this as it would shatter their dream world that they want to share with the British and the American.

Prabhakaran did not sign the MOU under pressure. He signed it because it is to his satisfaction. The process had started long before September 11, as admitted by the prime minister himself. It is the government of Sri Lanka that is under pressure.

The Commonwealth heads meeting in Australia has decided to expel from the commonwealth any country that supports terrorism. If they are serious then the first country that should be expelled is Britain for giving support to the LTTE. Our foreign minister should have asked for the extradition of Anton Balasingham if Britain was not to be expelled. The English educated middle class does not have the spine (the spine has been removed by the English education that they received) and they continue to believe any humbug emanating from Britain. The British Commonwealth is only continuing the hypocrisy of the British and neither Balasingham would be extradited nor Britain would be expelled from the Commonwealth.