If you can’t beat them, then join them

Now that the major political parties of this country have some experience in the arts of government, namely, insincerity, prevarication and the ability to accumulate colossal wealth not so much for the country as for themselves or their friends, they should stop squabbling.

If they don’t stop their lovers’ quarrels, they would be the losers and the winners would be the relatively politically innocent, but sincere and persevering young parties like the JVP and the LTTE. In their youthful innocence, God only knows what they will do in their honest efforts at social reform. Already some Western states are advising the LTTE to join the mainstream of insincerity and prevarication and of course the possibility of accumulating colossal wealth on the principle, If you can’t beat them, join them.

The LTTE is very likely to clutch at this straw. The JVP are, relatively speaking, virgins as far as the arts of governing go, so probably they’ll spit at this opportunity until wiser counsel prevails. All this, of course, is tacitly endorsed by the most intelligent voters in this world who are now concentrated in Sri Lanka. Win or lose they love democracy. The attraction may be sadistic or masochistic. But that’s never mind, as we say.

Could this be by any chance a sexual deviation that Western-style democracy encourages? We have only to look at Japan, for instance, to see how again and again a prime minister or some other minister succumbs to colossal wealth and is thrown out. Germany is no better. An ex-chancellor is now perilously close to earning his legal desserts. And in America where they treat democracy sacredly enough, we can see how the shadow of Enron has begun to fall on the White House.
S. Pathiravitana