Open letter to the JVP
Will you combat terrorists?

Recent pronouncements and criticisms of the MoU between the Government and the LTTE by the JVP prompted me to write this short reminder.

In 1971, the people were at the receiving end of JVP insurrection throughout Sri Lanka. You destroyed a large number of public buildings including police stations throughout the length and breadth of our country. Many public utilities and buses were set ablaze. Roads including the main Kandy-Colombo and many secondary roads were blocked by felling large trees across them. Security Forces who were called upon to restore law and order could not get very far without clearing the roads.

At the end of the unfortunate incidents of 1971 - a large number of misled youth surrendered and were rehabilitated in special camps set up for the purpose. These same surrendees built the Anuradhapura Army camp and they turned out to be useful citizens after they realised their folly of following selfish motives of their leaders who were finally hiding in the jungles of Kantalai and NCP.

JVP opposed the Peace Accord of 1987, set the country ablaze again destroying national wealth. This was followed by a second insurrection in 1988. They even targeted innocent parents of servicemen of the armed forces. This is fresh in the minds of many people who are true patriots of this country.

You cried loud to get rid of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) who almost defeated the LTTE. You called them an army of invasion. Perhaps you had something common with the LTTE in the art of using terror. The LTTE who were watchful continued their campaign. The armed forces were not able to overcome them due to many vested interests - particularly crooked arms dealers who become millionaires overnight.

These dealers paid handsome commission to all and sundry including members of the armed forces some of them have invested their ill-gotten wealth here and abroad.

The peace process started by the present government is not to the liking of JVP as they are masters of fishing in troubled waters. What did Somawanse Amerasinghe say before his departure after campaigning for the general elections of December 5, 2001? Did he not refer to taking up arms again if need arises?

I have personally contributed towards your campaign when you came round to our home before the last general election. As a responsible party it is your bounden duty to support the Peace process. If it fails we will join you to fight the LTTE in the battlefied provided you come with your membership to battle it out and destroy terrorism from our motherland.
Old Soldier