Of Norway’s wild goose chases

Some years ago, the whole world hailed the peace accord brokered by Norway to end the bloodshed in Palestine.

Though this in no way compensated the people of Palestine for the invasion and occupation of their country and their relegation to stateless second rate humans, it did at least offer them some territorial rights and a measure of self government.

Almost immediately the accord was broken by Israel by building settlements in the Palestine territory.

My Palestinian friends often ask why it is that countries which had not done anything at the time to stop the terribly inhuman holocaust now seek to salve their consciences by supporting the surviving Jews in their equally inhuman treatment of the Palestinians. People whose only fault is that they are living in land coveted by the Jews and abandoned by them millennia ago.

The collapse of the ‘Oslo Peace Accord’ without so much as a whimper from Norway should raise serious doubts about the validity of their involvement in the affairs of this country. We are concerned about their neutrality with Solheim and Prabhakaran scratching each other’s back. We are definitely worried about Norway’s lack of stamina and clout in the Palestinian situation and feel that all that Norway, itself a breakaway state, can do is to steer the process towards the formation of another breakaway state and be the first to recognise Eelam if declared by the LTTE.

We desperately want peace, to live again in friendship with our Tamil colleagues, classmates and friends. But is Norway going to achieve this for us?

We have had a list of small brushfire conflicts in which Norway claims to have played a role. Can we please have a clear statement of their present attitude to what is happening in the Middle East and what they have done to preserve the ‘Oslo Peace Accord’?
Michael Abeyaratne