To my Muslim brethren

It pains my heart as a Muslim to relate the problems of the contemporary Islamic world and countries. The poor state of Islam among our people is all too evident from TV, newspaper and magazines. Allah the Almighty has blessed us with so much material means but alas we have fallen prey to the western nations, they control us in almost all matters. We learn from the history of Iran-Iraq war that oil of the Muslim world was used to burn and destroy the economy of the Muslim world. If we looked at the Gulf war, we had seen that our own Muslim brothers sought refuge with Super Power to sort out our problems and to bring peace and in the process hundreds of our Muslim brothers.

In Bosnia, where the term ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ had been coined to mean Islamic Genocide and how our Muslim brothers and sisters had been butchered in the name of God.

In Palestine, we see how the Jews are murdering Muslims in broad daylight and robbing them of their land with the world looking the other way. No Justice from the mediators either.

Islam never allows terrorism in any form. But unfortunately, civilians are being killed in the name of ‘War against terror’.

In India, Muslim mobs set fire to a train and burnt Hindus alive. In reply, Muslims are being murdered in large numbers. Is it Jihad by the Muslims? Never! Helping establish peace and maintain law and order must be the duty of all Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Every pursuit and activity which disturbs peace is severely condemned in Islam. We find specific injunctions in the Holy Quran. It says: "And create not disorder in the earth". (7:56) "Commit not iniquity in the earth causing disorder" (11: 86, 29: 37.)

Mischief and wickedness are condemned in several other verses and Muslims are commanded to work wholly for peace.

Never in the history of Islam has the Islamic world suffered as much.

But, how can the religion of Allah suffer so much at the hands of the disbelievers, how can Allah allow the non-Islamic nations to destroy us?

To answer this humiliation, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has prophesied that in the later days, the Imaam Mahdi will appear and he will unite the worlds religions under the banner of ISLAM.

But the question still remains HOW? To this the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: "Love your brothers as yourself", because, we have seen that all the weapons of hatred could not unite a single family, but the sword of love has the power to unite families and change enemies into warm friends and savages into saints.

So, my dear brothers, let us arm ourselves with mighty weapon of love and ourselves with this mighty weapon and let us change the destiny of mankind as if we do not do it no one else will.

A. Abdul Aziz