"G-KOLA" (Centella Asiatica / Hydrocotyle Asiatica)

A Health Tea Beverage

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This health tea has been manufactured from the whole plant i.e. leaves stalks, roots, fruits and the runner of Hydrocotyle Asiatica (minor) processed like tea without adding any foreign substance for aroma, flavour or preservatives. The whole plant after washing in running water and cleaning out foreign particles, dead leaves etc., is dehydrated through a systematic process of withering and even drying, reduced to tannings and dust sizes and packeted in aluminium foil thereafter. This process ensures retention of most of the organic properties in the manufactured "G-Kola" as found in the whole plant of Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Minor).

e) In many of the Ayurvedic preparations for rejuvenation and treatment of geriatries, this plant forms a primary ingredient.

f) Eastern treatment contains many formulae for purification of blood. It is also used or skin ailments & for toning of skin. "Myrtillin" which is found in most of the vegetable herbs is said to be abundant in the Hydrocotyle Plant and "Myrtillin" helps in lowering sugar level in diabetic patients.

Thus the plant Hydrocotyle Asiatica Minor - "Gotukola" could be considered as containining a variety of medicinal properities which could be used in the fight against diseases.

"G-Kola" is brewed and prepared just like any normal tea preparation. It can be taken plain without sweetneners, if iced, the leafy taste disappears.


Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Minor) - S. "Gotukola" Plant is accepted as one of the hardiest plants in the Pharmacology of eastern medicines. It is the main ingredient in most of the notable, therapeutically valued, and traditionally accepted medicinal preparations. The proof of the strange vitality, and inherent strength of this plant is its ability to withstand the strongest weedicide known to date.

Some of the diseases, for which this plant is profusely used in compounds or as single drug are listed bellow.

a) Anthelmenthic - for prevention of worm diseases in children and also in animals. The juice of this plant is traditionally given to children to prevent worm disease in Children and for removal of worms similar to "Antipar" in modern medicine.

b) As a plain tonic and restorator of brain cells to nomalcy this plant is profusely used in eastern medicine.

c) All Ayurvedic texts are unanimous in prescribing this plant for Insomnia (Nidrajenak) and improvement of memory (Smati vardhani) instanity (Ummadaroga) and faultering speech.

d) Ayurvedic texts also provide testimony to it's abundant use in the treatment for Catarrah and Bronchial Asthma. The action taking place bere is said to be that the minute quantities of gold found in the plant affect the septic conditions in the mucous membranes, just like any antibiotic in modern medicine.


with Milk
Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Minor) plant is said to yield maximum medicinal effects when take with cow milk. Prepare the 'G-Kola' health tea as indicated above, half quantity of milk added makes the taste of 'G-Kola' delicious.

Add cow milk or condensed milk to well filtered 'G-Kola' tea and put it in a refrigerator for two hours and drink it like iced coffee.

Pour a well filtered cup of 'Go-Kola'; add crushed pepper salt, one peeled onion cut into tiny pieces and temper with butter or margarine. A nourishing soup-before or after meals.

In Tea Bags
Tea in dust is also available in tea bags containing 2 or 3 grams. These could be used in the same manner  as the bags used for making instant tea.