Tamil Eelam ‘unattainable’ - Ashley Wills

The US ambassador on Friday said that any attempt to establish an independent Tamil Eelam was both "unattainable and unwise".

Speaking after the signing of an agreement on the mines action programme at the Defence Ministry, Ashley Wills called on the LTTE to not import arms, adding that it would undermine the confidence of the people of Sri Lanka in the peace process. He said that the LTTE import of arms cast doubts whether the LTTE really meant to abide by the ceasefire agreement. "I call on the LTTE not to import arms. I ask them not to undermine the confidence of the people of Sri Lanka," he said

On the peace efforts, he said it was time for the war to end. "This is the best chance that the country has for peace. I call on both sides to observe the terms of the ceasefire agreement, and bring this conflict to a peaceful conclusion.

He added that the solution would have to be one where the Tamils were given the space to live with dignity and respect. "This is attainable, but an independent Tamil Eelam is both unattainable and unwise," he said.