Man gives up life in presence of creditors

By Sandasen Marasinghe

A businessman poured petrol and burned himself to death being unable to pay back his loans.

Andy Sathyaseelan (28) of Joseph Dias Street, Modara, Colombo-15 burned himself on the beach of Crow Island and died on Monday (13) at the Colombo National Hospital.

Andy Kulendran (22) of Aduruppu Street, Colombo-12 at the inquest, said the deceased was his elder brother and he was a textile businessman. He was married. Due to financial setbacks he was bankrupt and he was in debt for half a million rupees. The creditors often came asking for money. So he hid himself at the witness’ home for about three days.

"He informed me and the creditors to come on May 6 to the beach of the Crow Island where we went by a van. Once we stopped the vehicle he poured petrol over his body and set himself on fire. We extinguished the fire and took him to the Colombo National Hospital where he died", witness said.

Adiyappan Chithra (26) of Joseph Dias Street, Modara at the inquest said that the deceased was her husband and they had been married for three years and had a child of two years. Her husband didn’t come home for three days and she complained to the police about it. She didn’t know that her husband was in debt. Later, she had come to know that he had burned himself.

The Colombo City Coroner, Edward Ahangama, returned a verdict of suicidal death by setting on fire.

The evidence was led by PC Abeyratna (29705) of Modara Police Station.