Kafe Kent invests Rs. 10 mn. to refurbish and expand

cafe.jpg (16778 bytes)When a business initiative is "re-launched" it either means that the original drive has not really "taken off" or that it has been so successful that there is a need to expand and move in new directions. The Kafe Kent story falls into the latter category. Just one year after it was opened to cater to those who patronised Kent Home, the "home and gift boutique", the management of Kent Group of Companies has decided to increase the seating capacity and enhance the array of dishes on offer at its Bagatale Road restaurant.

Gamini Saparamadu, Managing Director and Chairman of Kent Holdings, said that Kafe Kent was launched to provide delicious meals in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

"The pleasant ambience, the quality food and juices, gained popularity faster than we anticipated. One year ago, we were hoteliers. We were not in the hospitality business. But by listening to and learning from our customers, we grew stronger, changing our menu regularly and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professionalism. This re-launch is a direct response to the success we have experienced."

The Group has decided to re-locate the gift boutique to make way for the new and refurbished Kafe Kent. According to Saparamadu, over 10 million rupees have been spent to "dress up" the Kafe. The original seating capacity (40) has now been expanded to accommodate 150 people. Additional health juices, health soups, salads, and desserts are expected to draw in more customers. The Kafe, "dedicated to people who want to have a relaxed evening", prides itself in creating an ambience to which customers are inclined to return.

Housed in a building that is a historical landmark, given that it is almost a century old, surrounded by a large garden with a range of fruit trees such as sepadilla, biling, naminang, and gooseberry, tastefully complemented with bamboo and other foliage, there is very little to be added in terms of creating "atmosphere". And yet, attention to detail in interior decor, including the provision of access to the handicapped has given the place that extra touch which can persuade the casual visitor to consider a re-visit.

While a well stocked bar, pool table, "singing room" and special events such as movie nights, quiz competitions, and facilities for small group meetings have been planned in order to bring in people who want to relax with their friends, Kafe Kent also has a membership option, where for Rs. 12,000 you could have your own bottle bar, get upto 20% discounts on food, discounts on group functions etc.

Kafe Kent has set up a sister outlet, Kent’s Deli (located on Thurstan Road) where those in a hurry can avail themselves of the delicious foods dreamed up by the Kent chefs.

Saparamadu promised that although the appearance may have changed, and the size got bigger, Kafe Kent will remain committed to its promise of providing "an environment where dining is a memorable experience".