Timeless elegance

timeless.jpg (21008 bytes)by Zanita Careem
June, the month of weddings conjures images of flowers, romance, white lace, and wine...
We spoke to fashion designers to find out about the new trends in bridal dressing this season.

Traditionally June has been the month for many a girl to take the plunge to matrimony.

Just as in the west, where summer begins in June, here in Sri Lanka too, this is the month most young people savour for tieing the nuptial knot. Unlike in the west where the bride wears a flowing dress, here, most brides, with a few exceptions, prefer the saree. The saree can range from tanchoi silk to organza and embroidered nets.

There are several bridal styles which prove that bridal clothes are timeless except for variations in the style of veils and bouquets and head-dresses. Many brides prefer to use natural flowers for their head-dresses. Beads and stones are no longer the fashion and long strands of "Baby’s breath" on top or on a side can be lovely.

For bridal bouquets natural flowers like roses are best. Araliya flowers too make lovely bouquets.

A bridal outfit is never complete without flowers. And because flowers come in such a wonderful variety and colour, you can create many moods and themes. In fact, flowers complement a bride’s presence. A beautiful bouquet with roses, daffodils or baby’s breath lend that special romantic look. For bridal gowns, most young brides prefer satin with variations according to the taste of the wearer.

Veils remain full and long, most often on a flare. Bouquets are smaller than those carried a decade or so ago, and the favourite flowers remains the rose.

The current trend is off-white gowns and off-white sarees.

Whatever those starry—eyed June brides wear, it should complement their texture of skin and their physical appearance.

The wedding day is a special day for any couple. To make that day romantic and memorable any wedding needs careful planning. Most couples opt for a fairy-tale wedding. Others go for a simple wedding celebration. Whatever the style opted for, perhaps, the couple and their parents desire to create an air of romance.

As George Bernard Shaw said "Like finger prints all marriages are different". But in the creation of romantic ambience the bride is the focal point on the wedding day.

Couples wish to cast a spell of beauty and joy on their wedding day. In most families wearing white is one way to conjure up a magical mood — she may wear a white dress or saree.

Although the long white bridal gowns in gossamer silks or satin are the popular choice, the saree has caught on with the younger generation.

Tanchoi silks, manipuris, organzas are the best known sarees preferred by brides. The bridal dress is mostly of lace silks and satins with beads and pearls that give an added opulence.

Bridal gowns today tend to follow different unusual styles — voluminous skirts or light silhouettes are now in vogue. Lace is strongly featured for the bodice and used as cut outs for layered decoration.

White still dominates but more and more brides seem to be opting for more flattering oyster and vanilla shades and even the deeper shades of cream and beige.

Brides who opt for the Kandyan saree prefer the Indian silks or tissue which are made up.

A bridal outfit is never complete without the headgear. Deciding what to wear is just as difficult as selecting the gown itself. Naturally you should choose the dress first and then decide on the hair style and what you will wear on your head.

Let flowers go on your head and bloom into designs that range from a sweet spring to a sophisticated coronet. Your hair stylist will decide for you the flattering ways to wear your flowers.

The veil changes with the times. A short or bouffant veil is popular among brides who wear dress while the long elegant veils flowing behind the brides are the favourite with brides who wear the saree.

The going-away allure among most brides is the saree in shades of red, maroon, orange or pink. Whether the bride is clad in costly or in simple attire, she has to have a special radiance and a glow which reflects her happiness on this special day.

That can only come from her total image and conversely could ruin her happiness on this most special day in her life. Inspite of all the glitter and glamour, romance and hopes and dreams, it is good to keep in mind that love is blind and that marriage is an eye-opener.