Is it love...or just lust?

love.jpg (12928 bytes)We’ve all been drunk and dizzy with desire at the beginning of a promising romance. But what happens when those initially hard-hitting hormones subside and you’re left with the sometimes-tough quandary: Is it really love? Answer these seven questions and find out.

1. You’ve taken your partner home to meet the parents. And, surprise, surprise, your family actually likes him — a lot. This makes you:

A. Nervous. If your parents love him, there must be something wrong with him.

B. Relieved. You like him. They like him. No more harassment about finding a nice boy to settle down with.

2. You and your honey go on a magical trip to Paris. Beneath the Arc de Triomphe you have a big, fat argument, which leaves you both steaming. You:

A. Wonder if you’re destined to break up.

B. Put your relationship on a slow burn for a couple of days, then, when you’re tired of fighting, make up.

C. Feel mad for a while, then cool off, which makes you realize that you’re in a resilient relationship.

D. Never let him forget that he’s ruined your vacation!

3. Between e-mails, coffee breaks and actual work, you find yourself daydreaming about your partner. Your thoughts tend toward:

A. The fabulous wedding you’ll have — and how cute your future kids will look.

B. What happened between the two of you last night, between the sheets.

C. Anxious fantasies about whether or not he’ll be true to you.

D. Why isn’t he calling?!

4. It’s your birthday and your main squeeze gives you a homemade card — complete with glitter and stickers. You:

A. Smile, but your eyes dart around the room checking for your real gift.

B. Smile, but are heartbroken that he hasn’t bought you something.

C. Grimace. You’re heartbroken that he hasn’t bought you something.

D. Smile. You’re thrilled that he took time to make you something so sweet and from the heart.

5. Your partner was offered his dream job in a city you consider to be in the middle of nowhere. He asks if you’d relocate with him. You:

A. Say it’s out of the question. You can’t just up and leave your life for a mate.

B. Say you’ll consider it, but the thought keeps you up nights.

C. Go. Home is where he is.

D. Laugh. He’s not serious, right?

6. You’re at a dinner party with a roomful of people — some friends, some strangers -when your partner tells a joke that falls flat. You:

A. Turn a little red for him, the poor guy

B. Chuckle and remember again why you love his offbeat sense of humor, even if other people don’t always get it.

7. Your friend tells you that she saw your guy holding another woman’s hand — and no -he’s not that close to his sister. You are:

A. Not horribly concerned; there has to be a good reason and you’ll ask when you see him.

B. Furious. You drop whatever you are doing to ask what’s going on.

C. Crushed. You assume that he’s about to leave you.

D. Ambivalent. He can do what he wants to do.