Anandasangari unanimous choice for TULF head

V. Anandasangari is expected to be unanimously elected the new president of the TULF today by the party’s 48-member Central Committee to succeed the late M. Sivasithamparam, well informed party sources said yesterday.

Anandasangari, a senior vice president of the party who has been its acting president, is a Jaffna District MP who served in the last parliament and re-elected last December. His political roots were in the old Federal Party which became a constituent of the TULF.

The TULF leadership has been seeking a consensus on a new president and the 69-year-old lawyer is considered to command the most support.

TULF sources also said that an Eastern Province politician, Mr. Thurairatnasingham from Muttur, is likely to take Sivasithamparam’s national list seat in parliament. He is the nominee of TULF General Secretary R. Sampanthan.

Earlier there had been objections from the leaders of some of the constituents of the TNA to the TULF retaining the national list seat. This was despite a memorandum of understanding that the TULF will get the seat if the TNA was entitled to only one slot.

Once school of thought within the alliance urged that a more youthful and active member should fill the TNA seat in the context of the present political situation.

Well informed sources said that Thurairatnasingham’s nomination had received LTTE blessings. (FRS)