CTC joint project with Mahaweli

Ceylon Tobacco Company together with the officials of the Mahaweli Authority System C, embarked on a programme to educate Mahaweli farmers to use paddy straw back in the fields. The program was to build awareness among farmers on how to use paddy straw in their fields in a much productive and effective manner instead of their normal practice of burning and destroying them.

On a continuous improvement project CTC for the second time is working jointly with the Mahaweli Authority to coach farmers of the Mahaweli System C on agronomic best practices.

Ceylon Tobacco went about contributing by printing banners to display in key positions in the entire Mahaweli area and also in Mahaweli Office blocks. Detailed handouts giving information on the advantages on using paddy straw were also distributed. The program me which commenced in May also included education programs and demonstrations for the farmers.

CTC staff along with Mahaweli officials conducted several farmer meetings to educate them on the advantages of using paddy straw back in the fields as an organic fertiliser and mulch. The farmers were then given hands on experience by requesting them to apply straw to some selected fields. On a request made by the Mahaweli Authority, CTC also shared their best practices with the farmers in order to equip them with new techniques for better farming.

Officials of Mahaweli System C says they were successful in getting almost over a 60% success rate this season due to CTC‘s intervention. They added that the trained farmers will share their knowledge with the rest of the farming community in the area and help improve their crop.