ITI offers technology
Aloe burn cream can save millions on burns treatment

The Industrial Technology Institute is now offering expertise for the production of Aloe burn cream which contains a high concentration of Aloe gel, has a reasonable shelf life and involves pain free application, a statement from ITI said.

Laboratory tests have proved the efficacy of the product, developed by the ITI’s Natural Products Development Group of the Agro and Food Technology Division. During clinical trials in the Burns Unit of the National Hospital, the cream has demonstrated superior moisturisation, transepidermal penetration, anti-inflammatory action, anti-bacterial properties, collagen renewal, mitogenic activity and qualities which assist in removal of hyper pigmentation spots.

Aloe vera is a perennial plant with fleshy leaves which grows abundantly in coastal areas. The leaf has two distinct products: a bitter yellow exudate, which is Aloe juice, and the white Aloe gel that is used to prepare the burn cream.

At present, the best local application for patients with burns is silver sulphadiazine cream. The product is bought from India or Great Britain. Its import costs millions annually as a patient with a 30% burn surface requires at least a 500 gram jar at each burn dressing. Dressing is done every other day for a period of three weeks.

The technology transfer involves a demonstration of the method of preparation, a report giving details of the manufacturing process and specifications of the product as well as trouble shooting during the manufacturing process, the ITI said.