Lanka largest Asian delegation at World Summit

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For the first time, Sri Lanka will be the largest Asian delegation with 30 members at the Future World Leaders’ Summit that will open on July 6 at the Georgetown University Marriott Conference Centre in Washington D C. Sri Lanka has been participating in the Future World Leaders’ Summit in Washington DC USA as a 10 member delegation since July 2000. The summit brings together 400 student leaders in the age group 16 to 19 from 35 countries around the world every March (Winter) and July (summer) to the prestigious Georgetown University for a week to live and explore international relations, diplomacy, and world economy and to develop diplomatic skills at a very young age.

Since July 2000, on all occasions our youth leaders made Sri Lanka proud by being voted the most outstanding foreign delegation at this International Youth Summit where 35 countries participate. In the last 4 consecutive summits, a Sri Lankan was selected as one of 5 banquet speakers to represent Asia at the graduation night. This is the highest honour a delegate and his country can receive, as the delegates do the selections. All these 4 Sri Lankan speakers received standing ovations from the 450 students and American University heads for their articulate speeches in English. They were Michelle De Saram of Asian International School in July 2000, Dinal Edirisinghe of Royal College Colombo in March 2001, Shirabdi De Silva co-head girl of Asian International School in July 2001 and Poornima Weerasekera of Informatics Institute of Technology Colombo in March 2002.

The 30-member Sri Lankan Future World Leaders are seen in the photograph seated from left to right: Aindri Jayasinghe of Colombo International School (CIS), Arthicka Seevaratnam of Australian College of Business & Technology, Avinash Nanayakkara of CIS, Mayuca Pandithage of Visakha Vidyalaya, Oshini Jayathunge of Musaeus, Norosha Gunatilleke of Visakha Vidyalaya, Anjuli Gunaratne of Bishop’s College, Stasshani Jayawardena of CIS, Shakila Jayawardena of Musaeus, Talya Fernando of CIS and Karin Wijeratne of Asian International School (AIS). Standing left to right: Aarthi Dharmadasa of CIS, Lili Kariyawasam of Visakha Vidyalaya, Irindu Wimalasena of CIS, Chatuka Senanayake of Royal College (RC), Amiel Weerasinghe of RC, Praveen Abeygoonasekera of CIS, Amrith Adihetty of Stafford International School, Dhiluk Perera of AIS, Kusal de Silva of D. S. Senanayake College, Eranjan Kempitiya of RC, Ruveen Dias of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, Dulith Senanayake of CIS, Hiran Jayasinghe of British School, Devanand Soundaraj of AIS, Swanthi Pieris of Visakha Vidyalaya and Sherazad Hamit of CIS. Not in the picture are: Duhitru Talwatte of Ladies College, Anika Amalean of CIS and Nicole Parakrama of AIS.

The week in Washington includes a private guided tour of The White House, a seminar in the floor of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, a visit to the US Dept of State, IMF, World Bank, Industrial Training College of US Armed Forces, The Holocaust Museum and the Smithsonian museums. In addition the Sri Lankan embassy in Washington DC. In between these visits are seminars and crossfire sessions on diverse topics of Arms Control, Peacekeeping, Terrorism, Environment, International Aid, International Trade, Health Care, Human Rights, Nationalism and Refugees. At the end of the week, 10 working groups will present a communique on each of the topics to be voted in UN style by the country delegations. The week concludes with formal Graduation ceremony at the Georgetown University, Marriott Conference Centre.